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Krystal's Vorish Adventure! - Page 15 - ...Struggle, and roll away. - By VorishFoxie - Overview
To krystal's suprise, the foxes didn't notice her awake and were not ready to act in case of an escape. Krystal twisted her body suddenly, pulling the pole out of the foxes hands. Krystal landed with a "whump" on the dirt path, then, she began to roll. there was a hill next to them, so she quickly gained momentum as she rolled down it. The foxes stood and cursed, deciding to look for something else.

Krystal came to a halt in a small stream. She landed on her back, and the cool water was chilling her spine. She wriggled her hands and freed them, quickly removing the ropes. she stood up, brushed herself off, and...
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