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Vore in the Real-World!?! - Page 15 - You enter as prey - By Pepper - Overview
After entering as prey, the fateful day finally arrives. Everybody is at the restaurant, all the prey are given name-tags that just say "prey". After everybody arrives the restaurant owner calls for everybody's attention. "Hello and welcome to the third annual Grab Gulp & Repeat! This year we have 4 predators and 100 prey. There will be three rounds, two elimination and one final round to determine the winner. Each round will consist of two competitors. In the elimination rounds, the first one too eat ten prey will win and move on. They will also devour the losing predator. In the final round the winner will be the first one to eat 20 preys, and the winner will get to eat the loser and as many of the remaining prey as they can take. Let's get started with round 1, Sarah and Jane will be the first ones to compete." The owner said, you stand near the front because you are hoping to be eaten by your friend Sarah. You hear a bell announcing the start of the round. Sarah sees you and comes up to you. She grabs you by the shoulders, "ready?" she asks. Without warning or a chance to answer she leans in and kisses you on the lips. What you thought was a friendly goodbye kiss turns out to be her way of eating you. After a short kiss she spreads her lips and engulfs your entire head and shoulders. Within seconds you are in up to your knees and she lifts the rest of you up into the air, sending the rest of you into her stomach. Within minutes you are unconscious.
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