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Happy Birthday - Page 15 - Same Size - By RealZikik - Overview
"You ready?" she asked.

You nod in response as she sits down next to you. She slowly removes your shirt and then takes off your pants. Your underwear is next to come off. You're a little embarrassed to be sitting naked in front of everyone, but that's not going to matter much since you're going to be eaten in a little bit. Your mother's shirt comes off next, exposing her purple bra. You take a deep breath before her mouth opens wide over your head. Everyone just watches as you start heading down her throat. Your mother enjoys your taste and just keeps swallowing. Your shoulders squeeze in and then she tastes your chest. With some more swallows, your bare stomach is being tasted. She keeps swallowing, getting past your hard cock. Your hips slide in next and then she swallows your legs down. She sits back on the couch with a large belly.

"Happy birthday." your mother said.
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