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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 16 - Ilyana! - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
It seemed only natural that your eyes would inevitably fall on by far the biggest glutton in the Order of Heroes: Ilyana. You wasted no time in making your way over to the table she sat at & immediately, you took note of the sheer amount of empty plates in front of her & there only being one plate with food left - geez, it was a miracle the food supply hadn't ran dry with two Ilyana’s here now!

Once you were next to her, you sat yourself down. She didn't seem to notice you immediately, allowing your ears to be graced with the sounds of her lips smacking & swallowing food down into her seemingly bottomless stomach.

Glurrck~ Ullk~

Mmmhf… haaaa-omph~!... Mmmf~

Gruullk~ Gluup~

Man, you’d never be able to figure out how she does it - her stomach couldn't truly be bottomless, yet with how easily she stuffs so many portions that could easily sate multiple families down her throat in one sitting, it really made you wonder...

“Mmmmhh… hmm?” The gluttonous mage finally seemed to notice you, slowly turning her head to face you. “Oh… you're the one who summoned me…”

You gave her a small nod in response & at that point, you saw that she had finished eating whatever she was just eating (you didn't pay enough attention to see specifically).

“Hmmmm… I can go for more but they won't serve me anymore food…”

Huh, she's eaten so much, the Hero on duty won't serve her anymore food? Wow… honestly, that just left you astounded…! Wait a minute, this could lead to something interesting! You’ve always wondered it, but maybe finally, you could find out if her gut is as bottomless as they say!

Hmm… you could ask her to follow you back to some place secret like your room with a promise that you had more food for her… or you could talk with the Hero manning the station today & grab some food for Ilyana yourself.
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