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Krystal's Vorish Adventure! - Page 16 - ...headed into the woods. - By VorishFoxie - Overview
Krystal figured that if the foxes followed her, the woods wouldn't be the best idea, but she noticed they were going the opposite direction. After checking her belt to see if her electronics and blaster were still working, she walked into the woods. once inside, krystal quickly turned on her distress beakon and tried to radio fox immediately.

"Hello? Krystal to the great fox, can anyone hear me?" She said with a surprisingly calm tone. A long awkward moment of long drawn out static was her only response. Slippy had told her this meant that the signal was being blocked or jammed. She was positive it wasn't broken, but, what could be jamming it?

As she called and called, she began to walk towards the smoke coming from her arwing. However something, odd was in her path.

It was a abnormaly big flower, that had many vines connected to it. What scared her were the skulls in the dirt beside it.

It was no doubt carnivorous, and it seemed to have spotted her, the main flower opening to reveal a maw, and a very sweet scent. She could feel its very simple "thoughts" (more single words or feelings) And they frightened her. It muttered, "feed."

She raised her blaster, and...
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