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In the beginning there was Vore - Page 16 - Blowjob - By Funnymain - Overview
You take her hand once again and move it to the side. you point at her mouth and point at your penis. She is taken back and realizes what you want but doesn't believe it.

"its ok, it feels really me" "take your mouth and suck on my dick"

She looks a little unsure but shrugs it off and lifts you up higher so she doesnt have to bend over. She looks at it and wraps her cool grip around it once again an looks up at you making sure its ok.

"its ok go on do it"

She faces front with your cock only an inch from her mouth. her tonuge flicks out again tasting the air. she looks suprised and pleased she must like the taste. She looks up with those devilish eyes once again and opens her mouth. her tonuge flows out of her mouth alomst 12 inches long. she slowly begins to wrap it around you penis starting at the tip. her tongue constantly moving in a circular motion over your flesh sending sweet sensations through your body. You throw your head back and moan in pleasure as her tongue snakes its way down your whole length of you cock.

Seeing this see knows she is in control and pulls her tongue back into her mouth, smacking her lips tasting your cock on her soft pink tonuge. She leans in and lets the head of your cock seperate her lips as she shoves your dick into her mouth. her hands grasp your ass giving her total control and the ability to shove it as deep as she can.

Her head begins to bob at first then full strokes letting the length of your dick come all the way out into the cool air of the lake. And just before the head of your cock falls from her beautiful mouth.....she rams it back in, taking the whole shaft down into her soft pulsing throat. she continues this for sometime and begins to fall into a routine, steadily sucking and slurping on your cock.

The pace is too much for you, your breathing begins to fasten and you begin too huff and puff

"oh god yes....thats it......dont stop" "almost there"

your mind starts to go dizzy as you near climax. the thought of cumming into this young creatures mouth letting her taste your essence is to much to bare. you reach down and grab the back of her head and help her time her thrusts just right.

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