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Happy Birthday - Page 16 - Digest Me - By RealZikik - Overview
"Digest me." you said.
"W-what?" your mother said, "You want me to digest you?"
"Yeah, that's what I want for my birthday." you responded, "To be digested."

Everyone just looks in awe of the situation.

"I guess I'm digesting Ben." your mother said.

Everyone seemed to just accept the situation. Your best friend walks over to your mothers belly and rubs it. You can feel the movement of her hand on the outside.

"Goodbye, Ben." she said.
"Goodbye." you said.

Your mother starts rubbing her belly, enjoying the feeling of having her son inside of it. The walls rock you around, splashing digestive juices onto your body. You enjoy the feeling as they soak into your flesh. Your body is slowly melted and being absorbed. The walls soon squeeze you and you feel yourself getting smaller. Your lower body is already becoming a mess of flesh. As you continue digesting, you rub the walls of your mother's belly to help her feel good as she digests you. Stomach acid continues to splash around and before you know it, you're soaked. After a few more hours in her belly, you lose consciousness. You're fully digested on your best birthday ever.
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