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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 160 - A Rude Awakening - By Megaladong - Overview
You’re the boss here and you’re tired; Xander will just have to suck it up. You tell him, “you’ll take the first shift.”

“Uh… o-okay.”

“Is that going to be a problem?”

“No ma’am, I'll keep a watchful eye. You're in good paws, promise."

You hope so. Xander gets up and sits outside the log, and scans the forest like a good watchdog. You enter the log and curl up into a ball, and fall asleep quickly. But just before you do, you think you see Xander look back at you and lick his chops.

You awake suddenly to a strange noise. You look outside the log; it’s still dark out but now a thick fog has settled. You don’t see Xander.

You poke your head out of the log. “Xander?” He’s not around at all. What happened to him? Did he run off? Or is there a predator? You walk out cautiously. “Xan...?” You freeze in fear. Before you now is Xander dead, laying on his side. His back is turned to you and something is savagely eating his guts out. It sounds ravenous. From behind Xander two pika-ears poke out. A pikachu is eating Xander? This doesn’t seem right.

Even if it is a pikachu, you want nothing to do with it; it seems feral. Xander is already dead, no sense trying to save him. You just want to get out of here as fast as possible. The beast doesn't see you yet, and you back away slowly into the woods. But on the first step, you crack a twig.

One of the pikachu’s ears twitches. The monster raises its head. Your eyes go wide; it’s Norb, the pikachu. He has a big toothy grin and half his face is covered in Xander’s blood and bits of gore.

You gasp, “Norb!?”

He doesn’t respond. He crawls over Xander’s corpse and starts walking toward you. He grins, but the smile doesn't look like any pikachu's smile you've seen; his teeth are sharp, like a predator's.

You growl and try to flash sparks but nothing comes out. You are sure you should be well-rested enough to have electricity. Norb keeps approaching with an evil, bloody toothy grin. You turn and try to run away but your legs are weak and it feels like you are treading water. What the hell is wrong with you? Norb quickly catches up and tackles you. He wrestles you to the ground, pinning you on your back.

“Get off me you fucking freak!” You yell at Norb.

Norb doesn’t even look like he heard you; his eyes are glazed over and his face hovers above yours. He lets out a low ominous, almost dog-like, growl. The look on his face terrifies you. It almost says something like, ‘if you resist me, I’ll end you like that vulpix.’ You look down between his legs. His dick is fully out, huge, and rock hard; but it doesn’t look like any pikachu’s dick you’ve seen. In fact, it almost looks canine. It is thick, bright red, and bulbous. He lines up his freakish dick outside your cunt.

"No, Norb, pleas..." But it's too late. All at once, he thrusts.

The sudden shock wakes you up. It was just a dream, your eyes open, still groggy. It was a heat dream, you’ve had plenty before. But this one was different; it felt so real. Strangely, you still feel like you’re being fucked and you still hear growling. You blink and realize you are looking up at an open snarling maw with sharp rows of teeth; the teeth drip with blood and cooked meat. The breath coming out is hot like fire and smells of burnt flesh. You look up to see two brown eyes glazed over. It’s Xander. The sight causes you to freeze in fear. Is that your blood and meat in his maw?

You look down. Xander has pinned your shoulders with his front paws. He is hunched over and humping your ass. His dick is inside your pussy pounding away. Your inner walls gladly welcome Xander's cock and squeeze tight around the warm red prick. Otherwise, you are unhurt and no chunks of you are missing.

Xander is raping you but hasn’t killed you, yet. You look back up to his head. He brings his killer jaws just inches above your neck. You don’t have much time to think. What do you do?
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