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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 161 - Pure Euphoria - By Megaladong - Overview
You can’t let Xander do this to you, “pika-” before you can get it off, Xander lunges for your neck, “CHUUUUU...” Electricity flows through Xander, causing his muscles to contract. The sharp teeth clamp down hard on your neck.

Blood rushes out into Xander’s maw and all electricity leaves your body. At the same time, Xander climaxes. His inexperienced dick can’t hold on and knots you. You let out a powerful pleasure gargle as he fills you with his cum. Your blood sprays from your mouth onto his face. For some disturbing reason, being fuck like this turns you on causing the most intense orgasm you have ever had. Your walls clamp down hard on the ejaculating cock and help pull his seed deeper. Your back arches. Cum shoots out of your cunt and sprays Xander's inner thighs. Xander’s fluttering eyes say it all; this moment is pure euphoria for him.

Once your climax ends, you panic and try to use Thundershock but the blood loss has sapped your energy. You flail as a last resort but that too is pointless. The vulpix’s teeth are dug deep and his weight keeps you pinned to the ground. Xander growls as he wrestles you. Whenever you pause briefly, he whines and shakes with excitement; his tails wag. After two long minutes, the blood loss becomes too much and you go limp.

The fucking bastard betrayed you. You wonder if the vulpix’s request to team up was just a ploy to get an easy pika-kill. Now satisfied you are ready to eat, Xander heats his maw. You can feel fire come down his throat. Flames, like waves, wash over your neck. The smell of singed fur and cooking flesh fills the air, accompanied by the sounds of popping roasting fat and hissing blood turning into steam. The pain is excruciating but all you do is convulse meekly. The heat cauterizes the wound, lessening the blood loss and extending your life needlessly. Once the meat is cooked to his liking, he rips the chunk out.


"Ahhhhhh," he lets out in pleasure, declaring just how tasty you are. His tails must agree because they swish back and forth. He looks down at his gargling victim with smug content. “Sorry Lulu, I didn’t mean to bite you. Your shock kinda made me bite harder than I expected. But I think it’s better this way. Don’t you think?”

You gargle in response and he smiles, blood drips from his fangs. “Good, I’m stuffed right now, but I’ll eat some of you in the morning, promise.” He lays down with the knot still attached and spoons you. Warmth radiates from his chest. After no more than a minute you start to fade, Xander is already snoring peacefully. Your body goes numb and cold and vision starts to tunnel. This is it. As you are dying, you can't help but think, ‘at least I helped the poor bastard grow a pair.' Somehow that thought makes you happy. As you fade, a peace washes over you.


With half of Lulu disemboweled, Xander pulls his head up, bringing with it a liver. He fills his maw with flame and flash fries the delectable morsel. With his sharp teeth, he chews it to mush and swallows it down. What a lovely breakfast. His stomach gurgles, pleased with the pikachu fed to it but still wanting more. He bends his head back into the gaping gut wound.

Last night was a blur. After Lulu fell asleep he just watched her for three hours. Dark visions of him feasting on Lulu ran through his head. He was so hungry at the time, as hungry as he had been last winter when he almost starved. He might have killed her right there if it weren't for the zigzagoon. He heard it coming and his prey drive went into overdrive. It’s a feral mode when he loses all self-control. It proved useful in getting him through the winter but it scares him whenever it happens.

He waited in the shadows. The zigzagoon didn’t see him and was only looking at Lulu in the log. The zigzagoon was going to kill Lulu, not that Xander cared at that moment. Instead, Xander was using her more like live bait. He waited for the perfect moment and pounced. It was a perfect clean kill and made little sound; a swift bite to the throat usually is. Most of the time, the feral mode fades after the kill, but with Lulu’s heat smell in the air, it only amplified it. But this time it wasn't looking to fill a hungry gut but instead a needy cunt. Before he knew it, he was raping Lulu.

He didn’t want it like that, but there is no reasoning with feral Xander. But even feral Xander didn’t want to get Lulu killed; that was truly an accident. But it couldn’t be helped. It's probably for the best. It's time to move on anyways. Plus he gets a free delicious breakfast from the ordeal.

This is a turning point in Xander’s life. He was always small and weak for his kind. No one, not even his parents or his sister thought he would survive the winter. His parents kicked him from their den when his tail split, as is tradition. That was late last summer. He was taught the basics of hunting, like all vulpix, but it's different hunting when it's life or death. He almost starved a few times and got killed more times than he can count but he always pulled through somehow.

When winter thawed, his second tail split, nature called and he headed back to where he was born to find a mate. Of his peer group, over half died, including his sister. The ones that did survive were the strongest. So there were quite a lot of surprised looks when he waltzed back into the breeding grounds.

The first week of mating season was the most hectic. It was no surprise to him that he didn't find a mate in that time, he didn't expect to. The six-tailed reynards got their pick of the vixens, selecting the young beautiful ones of course. There was a lot of snarling and pissing and bravado but he, and most of the other three and four tailed, sat out, too afraid to get into the fray. What pissed him off was when weeks three and four came around and he was still without a mate. The ugly older females saddled up with some three-tailed until there were only a couple females left. They were ugly as sin but he wasn't going to complain. Maybe next year he could get a more attractive one. But even those vixens told him they would rather let their wombs shrivel and die before they would let him mount them. He was devastated.

Vixens started laying eggs and heats started to dry up and he left the breeding grounds wishing that he didn't survive the winter. What's the point of the struggle if you can't even breed? Defeated and dejected, he began to take his frustration out on local Pokémon. He would kill not for food, his failure in the rut took his appetite, but for just the thrill of the kill. If he couldn't have power over a vixen then a pidgey or a caterpie would have to do.

Xander began playing with fire, figuratively speaking, by hunting at the watering hole. It's a sin punishable by execution, if not by vulpix then by pikachu. The watering hole is a shared space between vulpix and pikachu. It's a fragile treaty made many generations ago. One of the main rules for vulpix is no hunting of any kind. But he ignored that and instead took advantage of a few pidgey who thought it a safe place.

While waiting in the brush, he became obsessed with watching the pikachu. They lived so differently than vulpix. They mate for life, raise their young for years instead of months, and live together all year round. He wished he was born a pikachu. He thought of his weak vulpix body as a curse.

He became attracted to the pikachu females. One in particular, the one he is currently snout deep in, he found very attractive. Lulu seemed different from the others, and not just because she was the most beautiful. She seemed confident and determined, everything he was not. Just yesterday he heard some young bucks talking about Lulu, discussing just how displeased they were that she was leaving for Thunder Mountain. When he heard that, he knew he had to approach her. He was going to ask to mate with her but he knew that was unlikely so his backup plan was to join her in hopes of learning something from her.

He knew she wouldn't agree to mate with him and he even expected she would say no to teaming up. But when she said yes, he couldn’t believe it. It was almost like a vixen agreed to his advances and mated with him. All his anxiety melted away and he finally felt validated. Almost immediately, his appetite returned.

He munches away at Lulu for the next few minutes, eating almost all of the tender guts. His newfound fortitude has made him hungry and he eats more than he thought possible. Once he's just about stuffed he stops, sits up, and cleans his chops. He admires his work. Lulu's midsection is missing, just her red fleshy back meat and white spine are left. Her throat is missing and cooked medium-rare. Her eyes are opened wide and dim. She was beautiful before but now she looks even better.

He looks down at her legs. They look so plump and delicious. He stands up and starts tearing into her right leg. He gnaws it to the bone then twists his head and pulls, dislocating it from the socket. He walks out of the log and sits down next to the zigzagoon carcass with his second helpings. He chews it up, bone and all, and it is gone in less than a few minutes. The sun is rising now and Xander lays out on his side. What a good night. He lays down, closes his eyes, and pants hard, as though he just ran a mile. A happy bloated gut sings its master to sleep.

Xander spends the next few days feasting off Lulu’s and the zigzagoon’s remains. Xander is not picky and almost all of the pikachu is used, except the skull which is too thick to chew for the vulpix. Once finished, Xander leaves the log, heading south to his normal hunting grounds. He leaves his makeshift home with a new furnishing and a smile. The world doesn’t seem so scary now. Xander doesn’t think he’ll have many problems surviving till next spring.


Thus ending your story. You were betrayed by your teammate and you paid the ultimate price. You are forgotten by the tribe as just another member lost to the foreboding wilderness. But Xander will always remember you. To Xander, you were more than just a delicious meal. He felt a little bad for killing you but he couldn't be too upset; after all, he did get a free breakfast from the deal. But more than that, your death was like the starting of a new chapter; one in which he stopped being a pushover and started taking charge of his own life. He accepted that he was a predator and a tod and started standing his ground. Next spring, now with four tails, he lands a cute five-tailed vixen. He has two kits, one a female, and names her Lulu, after the unfortunate pikachu who helped turn his life around. He lives the rest of his life a respectable reynard and has many kits. You leave no legacy. But hey, at least Xander turned out better for it!
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