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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 165 - Professor Poplar's Guide to Pikachu: Rediscovering the Wild Chu in Your Pika - By Megaladong - Overview
(Mild spoilers ahead! The following is a nonfiction book written in TAoL's Pokemon fanfic universe. It is written by Professor Poplar, a Viridian Forest expert, who has dedicated his life to the study and conservation of wild Pokemon inside the forest. The book is marketed to Pikachu owners who desire to learn more about the wild side of their pet. The book is primarily about what it would be like to grow up inside a Pikachu tribe and can give you some insight into what kind of environment Lulu was raised in. It contains mild spoilers for TAoL but was published before the events of the interactive. This is completely optional reading but may give some hints on how best to navigate the forest. Moreover, it is a guide I use to write for world-building purposes. Unlike the normal story, it is non-pornographic and is more informative than entertaining. But hope you enjoy it anyway.)
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