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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 173 - Calling it Even (G) - By Megaladong - Overview
"Let's just call it even," you tell the shy rapey vulpix.

He closes his eyes, lowers his head, and lets out a shaky sigh, "okay."

"Word of advice, if you want to get laid, raping unconscious females isn't the way to go."

He keeps his head down and says, "I know, sorry, Lulu."

You get a shiver down your spine, "what did you just say?"

He snaps his head up, eyes wide. "Uhhh... nothing." He smiles awkwardly.

You get up close to him, growling. He backs down, crouching and lowering his ears. You shout, "you said my name. How do you know that?"

He gulps and looks terrified. He must be a big wuss if a pikachu half his size can scare him. "Uhh... umm... it's just..."

"Just what!?"

"It's just, I overheard some male pikachu talking at the watering hole yesterday about you. They said you were leaving for Thunder Mountain. The reason I followed you was that I thought I could help."

"You know the way?" You ask, genuinely curious.

"Well no, but I thought maybe we could team up and I could help you. You know, since I'm Fire-type."

"And why did you think I would team up with you after you raped me?"

His eyes fill with tears and he looks down. "I didn't; I just couldn't control myself. I didn't get a mate this season. No one, not even me, thought I would survive the winter. But I fought hard to live just so I could breed in the spring. When I showed up at the rut, not even the ugly old vixens would let me mount them. They said they would rather let their wombs shrivel and die before they would let me mate with them. I was devastated, what's the point of the struggle if you can't even breed?

“I started hanging around the watering hole and watching you pikachu. You guys live so differently, you mate for life, raise pups for years instead of months, and have a whole society that protects one another. It's so different for a vulpix. It's all about survival of the fittest and I'm a weak little guy. So I get the short end of the stick. I feel like my vulpix body was a mistake. I wish I was born a pikachu."

He has a romantic view of pikachu. You know if he was born a pikachu, he would have just as much trouble finding a mate, maybe even more so. Female pikachu are very picky and he would get passed over and probably have to leave the tribe. But you don't have the heart to break it to him.

He continues, "I would see you at the watering hole. You are so confident and determined, everything I am not. So when I heard you were leaving for Thunder Mountain, I was going to approach you to ask if I could tag along. And maybe, along the way, learn to be like a pikachu, like someone like you.

“But I'm so weak-willed, that after I rescued you from the gloom, I couldn't stop myself. I'm sorry Lulu." He begins to sob quietly.

Your heart sinks, maybe he's not such a bad guy after all. You ask him, "what's your name?"

He looks up and sniffles, "Xander."

"Xander, I..." you think maybe you should team up together. He was capable enough to survive the winter and maybe you can help him find his todhood along the way. Then again he does seem like a loose cannon. What's to stop him from raping you, or worse, when you're asleep next to him. What do you tell him?
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