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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 175 - Quid Pro Quo - By Megaladong - Overview
You come to your senses and realize the pidgeotto is trying to drop-kill you. If it gets any higher, you’re dead meat. You quickly try and Thundershock the beast, “pika,” but the pidgeotto releases you from its clutches. You come crashing to the ground and tumble a few feet. The fall was hard but you are left unhurt. You quickly get to your paws in a battle stance, waiting for it to try again. The pidgeotto circles around and lands about five feet in front of you.

You growl, “stay away from me pidgeotto. I’ll shock you!”

The pidgeotto says in a feminine voice, nonchalantly, “oh little pikachu, don’t worry, I’ll leave you be. I don’t eat pikachu, that is, IF they have electricity. It’s not worth the meat. I’m just here to check on your well-being. You do have electricity… right?”

You lightly squeeze your cheeks and large healthy sparks dance around you. You growl, “I do. Now, back the fuck off, or you’ll get it.”

The pidgeotto looks a bit sad then sighs, “fine, pikachu. You win this time. But let me give you some advice; keep those cheeks nice and full or I or one of my kind will find you and this...” She leans over and opens her beak wide. You can see deep into the strangely welcoming maw. The beak drips with strands of saliva and a glob of drool dangles from her long tongue. Inside, it is pink but with each concentric throat ring, fades to a deeper red until it is nearly black. She intentionally breathes out in your face. It smells of fish, rodent, and vomit, a pungent odor you will not help turn more rodent today. You gulp and cringe in fear; you wonder just how many Pokemon saw this same sight before meeting their end. She stands up and closes her beak, “...will be the last thing you see.”

The pidgeotto turns around as if she is about to leave, but before she does, she looks back and coos, “see you around the forest, little pikachu.” She flutters off. You sigh in relief. You’ve been on this adventure for only a few hours and have almost died twice, but so far came out on top.

You head down the trail south once again. After an uneventful hour, you come to a small creek. The creek has a clearing and you see berry bushes surrounding the area. This looks like a good place to grab dinner and a drink. You run over to an oran berry bush and chow down. You hear something nearby and go to check it out. You come out on the other side of the bush and see a lone pidgey pecking at some berry seeds.

Its elder evolution did just try to eat you, but this little guy doesn’t pose much threat. With a bird’s eye view, it might have some idea where Thunder Mountain is. You approach the pidgey to ask for directions. “Hey!” It looks at you and squawks in fear and flutters to a tree above.

You startled it and you tell it, “sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to ask you some questions.”

The pidgey looks down on you. It peeps in a feminine voice, “And what would I get out of that?”

“What do you mean?”

“Ah, a new adventurer? I don’t know how things work in a pikachu tribe but out here in the wild, it's a quid pro quo world.”

“I don’t understand.”

She sighs, “You scratch my feathers I scratch your fur. Look, I’ve got chicks to feed. If you can find something for me to eat, I’ll answer some of your questions.”

“Uh, okay, I guess.”

“Alright then, I’ll be in the area. If you find something, just yell for me. My name is Ava.” She flutters off.

Maybe you will help her, or not, but for now, you’ll feed yourself first. You walk back to the bush and get your fill. You do and walk towards the creek to wash it all down. As you walk back you run into a caterpie munching away at some leaves of a bush. It is not paying attention to you. This is something for Ava to eat and you could get those questions from her. Do you kill this caterpie and feed Ava and her chicks tonight?
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