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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 180 - A Rude, Yet Joyful, Awakening - By Megaladong - Overview
Best not wake now; the pain of being slowly digested alive doesn’t sound appealing. The gloom won your body, that is certain, and it did you the favor of putting you to sleep first; let it finish eating you in peace. You let the sleep take over. As you fade, you can’t help but feel at peace with your fate.

You wake up an unknown time later. You look around, “pi?” You are in the forest near where the gloom caught you. You are laid ass up over a log. You’re alive? You’re alive! Elated, you dismount yourself quickly and dance in circles. It has never felt so good to be alive. Your joyful dancing is interrupted by a sore throbbing pussy. You look down at your thighs; they are covered in dry semen and a wad of cum is leaking from your vagina. When you were asleep, some opportunistic male must have had his way with you. You look around but see no one. Uh-oh, your stomach churns. Whatever took advantage of you must have been in the same Egg Group because you can already feel the egg growing inside. You have become pregnant! And you don't even know what did it. Your journey for a Thunder Stone is over, but at least you're not dead. It seems the beast that impregnated you also saved you from the gloom and took it upon himself to claim his reward. The rest of your life will be hell; tribe females impregnated by outsiders are not treated well. You’re not sure the beast did you any favors. With a mix of relief for being alive and sadness for knowing what is to come, you head back from which you came, tail between your legs.


You return to your tribe disgraced. Being impregnated by another Pokémon is one of the worst things a female pikachu can do. You are shunned, even by your own family, and pushed out of social groups. You are forever known as a slut and no male will become your life mate. Desperate for attention, you become a fuck toy for the young males in the tribe trying to lose their virginity and unsatisfied mated bucks looking for a side fling. All the other females despise you for this, blaming you for their mate’s infidelity. As retribution, they turn a blind eye to your pups at the watering hole whenever they sneak off. Every season, you go into heat and you can't control yourself. You bend over for anything with cock and balls and beg them to fill your pussy with cum. Males pass you around, sometimes in an orgy, and your twat, along with other orifices, are used for a few minutes of fun and a warm place in which to jizz. The worst part was you loved being treated like a fuck toy. Sadly, it was the only time you felt valued.

You have ten pups but never know who is their father. Only three pups survive to adulthood, your firstborn, and two others. The rest of your children either died of exposure in their first winter or made tasty little snacks for various predators of the forest. Pichu are notoriously mischievous and without a watchful eye, a luxury your pichu were not afforded by vengeful females, often find themselves staring down a hungry gullet. One female pikachu, one that caught her mate in the middle of fucking you, watched from the shadows as one of your pichu was swallowed alive, tail first, by an ekans. She stood by and did nothing but smirk as the satisfied snake finished encasing its meal. Then it carried away its still squirming victim inside thick purple coils. Without the additional protection of the tribe, your womb was nothing more than an oven, serving up fresh meat on a first come first serve basis for hungry carnivores. They would surely thank you for your hard work raising your young nice and plump. They trotted, flew, swam, or slithered away, with the loves of your life, in their merciless clutches, not caring of the mother they would leave in shambles. They toyed with their pichu meal as your pups cried for their mama, right up until the predator got bored and decided to dispatch your young in their own unique but equally horrific way.

Your life was so difficult and full of tragedy that you died a few years before the average lifespan of a pikachu. Nobody, but your remaining children, mourn your passing and your body was unceremoniously tossed outside the tribe's territory for scavengers to pick clean. A few rattata found your body and had a feast. You leave no legacy and your life was incredibly hard. But hey, at least you didn't get killed by a predator!
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