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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 187 - Heading Out - By Megaladong - Overview
You head off south to try and get some more progress for the day. The trip to Thunder Mountain is long, and you will need to make it as short as possible to increase your chance of survival. You strike off down the small path. After about thirty minutes of travel the sounds of peeping ring from a tree nearby. Up in a tree is a pidgey nest with three plump pidgey chicks. Currently, the chicks do not have a guardian. From the corner of your eye, a slender purple shape captures your attention. Behind a bush below the tree, looking at the nest with great interest, is an ekans. The ekans eyes are trained on the unaware hatchlings, and its slender tongue flicks the air as though it can taste the pidgey from a distance.

The ekans, too focused on the pidgey above, has not noticed the pikachu in front, yet. But before you can make a decision on what to do, the fluttering of pidgey wings echoes in the canopy above. The ekans, with great haste, hides within the bush. The pidgey hatchlings chirp with joy. An adult pidgey descends to the branch holding the nest. It’s Ava, the pidgey you met earlier. The chicks peep and open their beaks. Ava takes turns throwing up a mixture of seeds and berries into each of her chick’s mouths. It doesn’t look like much, and the hungry chicks peep for more.

Ava looks down on her chicks with sad eyes. “Sorry, my babies. Hopefully, dad had more luck.” Ava finishes then looks around to see you.

“Oh, it’s you,” she says. “Doesn’t look like you found me anything to eat. Shame, you could have used my help. Now shoo, and be somethings dinner. At least they won’t go hungry tonight.”

Maybe you should tell Ava of the ekans stalking her nest. Then again, she has been nothing but rude to you. A small ball of satisfaction builds in your chest. You could not tell her and show her what a real “quid pro quo” world looks like.

What do you do?
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