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Krystal's Vorish Adventure! - Page 19 - Walk out and talk. - By VorishFoxie - Overview
"Hello panther." Krystal said calmly, holstering her blaster. Panther's face lit up, and he instantly rushed to krystal, grabbing her paw gently and kissing it. This made krystal blush a bit.

"Awww my sweet, thank goodness you are alive! I thought you had perished." He cooed in a sweet, soothing voice.

"We'll I'm glad to see you too I guess." She remarked with a giggle. "What brings you here? Why just you?"

"I intercepted your emergency signal, and I rushed to your rescue. Errr... After convincing wolf that is..."

Krystal sensed something was up. "How did you manage that? Fox and the entire team is in the atmosphere. Are they fighting?"

"N-no... Oddly... Fox seems... Strange... He didn't even try to look for you."

Krystal had wished he was lying, but she didn't sense any deception. "Your kidding... Something must be wrong...."

Panther nodded. "That's why we're here. Wolf had a feelin something was wrong. So here we are swooping to your rescue. Much to wolf's dislike might I add." He let out a chuckle. Just then, a rustling was heard. Krystal grabbed panther's wrist and...
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