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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 190 - The Sadistic Snake - By Megaladong - Overview
ou take Ava’s advice. It would be nice if she helped, but you aren’t sure she would be much use anyway. You suddenly juke hard to the left. It all happens in slow motion. The ekans’ head strikes at lightning speed from the grass. The maw of the snake opens wide. The pink void drips with saliva. Two fangs jut from the roof of the ekans mouth, shooting streams of venom from the tips. The ekans’ lined up its strike well, and the fangs are heading straight for you! You focus all the energy you have and shift your weight to dodge the income maw. The ekans misses the strike but just by an inch.

Time resumes to normal and your flight drive tells you to keep running. The forest flashes by in a kaleidoscope of greens and browns. You run back to the north at full speed, dodging and weaving through fallen trees across the path. You're just elated to be alive. After running for a few minutes and putting extra distance between you and the ekans, your back leg cramps out of nowhere. So intents the pain, your leg seizes completely and you come crashing face-first into the ground, tumbling head over heel and skidding to a stop.

You clutch your leg and scream, “CHAAAaaaAAAaaa.” Why does it hurt this bad? The pain does not go away but in fact, spreads up your leg. You look at the leg and see a small stream of blood. You pull back the fur where the blood is emanating and see a tiny prick. Oh no, the ekans didn’t miss; your adrenaline just blocked the pain. Venom is coursing through your veins, aided by each beat of your heart, making easy prey out of a once-proud pikachu.

It can’t end like this, can it? You’ve made it about one-thousand yards away from the ekans but if you just lay here, it will catch you soon. You pick yourself up and hobble away. Each step is harder than the last and the world spins more as you go. You try and look for a pecha berry bush but have no luck. You make it about another couple hundred feet and collapse again. The poisoning has now spread to all parts of your body. Tears start to stream down your face. It’s just a matter of time before the ekans comes slithering down the path to claim its meal. The initial pain has subsided and is now replaced with a warm buzzing feeling all over, making you stay down and rest. But you still can’t give up yet. If there is any hope, it may be hiding. You struggle back up, stumbling to the right. You catch yourself and slowly walk off into the high brush and grass off the path. You make it just twenty feet into the brush and grass when you collapse again, this time for good and on your stomach. You mumble, “pika-pika,” in a daze. The warm buzz has faded, replaced with a general feeling of being ill, a lot like having the flu. The thick brush will hide you from prying eyes but the ekans has your scent, so this may prove a minor inconvenience to him.

You wait for what feels like forever but is probably only ten minutes when you hear the sounds of thick coils gripping dirt. The sound stops near where you left the trail.

A smug voice rings out, “I can smell you’re close. Left the trail to hide? It never worked for anything before. But let’s see how you did.” You try to move but can’t. Hope fades like the light in the evening sky.

The sounds of a large body pushing grass aside with ease makes its way toward you. He is so close, you can hear each flick of the tongue trying to sniff you out. He gets closer and closer until everything goes quiet. The forest is its normal, peaceful ambiance. If something was listening, it would not know of the intense moment of life and death just off in the grass. You try to keep as quiet as you can but emotions of fear and terror build in your chest and the occasional sniffle comes from your nose.

Suddenly, something warm and wet flicks your right hind leg... then your lower back... then your upper back. A dark, slender shadow looms into your line of sight. You let out a brief, messy sob. This is it; nothing stopping him; you have no electricity or energy to move; your nothing but ekans food now.

A sopping wet mouth smacks gently. A large glob of warm drool lands on the top of your head and slowly runs over your face like a waterfall made of tree sap. “Sssso… was saving the pidgey nest worth it? I think it was. Probably about the same meat but pikachu are much tastier.”

“N-no… please,” you meekly plead.

The ekans chuckles but says no more and plops in the grass around you. Your world is surrounded by purple and yellow coils and soft, satisfied hissing. The scaley constrictors expertly weave around your tender body; clearly not the first rodent they’ve ensnared, for they know your body better than you do. In no time, you are wrapped up tight; your head pokes out from the coils and is the only thing visible. You just lay in the coils limp; soon, you'll be on the other side of them. He doesn't have to squeeze hard to keep his prize from going anywhere.

The ekans looks down on his prey with a complacent smile. With his forked tongue, he flicks the tears off your cheeks, replacing the tears with saliva. The coils begin to tighten slowly, squeezing the life out of you. He takes his time, and with each one of your exhales, tightens his death vice. You let out a breathless, “chaaaaaaa,” as the squeeze to the near point crushing your bones. The ekans is strong enough to end your right there but he is electing to asphyxiate you to death. Or so you think. Just as your vision begins to tunnel the ekans loosens the grip and you gasp for air as though you were just underwater. All the while, his eyes never break eye-contact with yours. He is playing with his food. Under the coils that will soon kill you, you now realize just how weak and helpless you are. You aren't cut out for Thunder Mountain; you couldn't even fend off your natural predator.

He repeats the process three more times until he squeezes so hard, you piss yourself. Warm liquid flows onto his coils, and the smell of your heat fills the air. He flicks the air with his tongue and his eyes become unfocused and dilated. He shakes his head and his eyes quickly return to thin black stripes; although now, his eyes look pissed and he lets out an angry hiss. For some reason, he seems upset and just looks at you for a moment, almost like he is debating what to do with you.

You take his moment of weakness to beg for your life, "p-please, Mr. Ekans, let me go. I just wanted to help the pidgey. "

His yellow eyes soften, and he laughs, "And you did help the pidgey. Very motherly of you to save them from the big, bad snake. But who's going to return the favor? Hmmmmm… let'ssss see. What's the best way to do this? How about we have fun first? Then I'll teach you about where little mice belong on the food chain."

The end of his tail flops into the grass. From a slit in his yellow underbelly, two smooth, long penises slowly unsheath. He’s going to rape you as well? You feel so degraded. To him, you are nothing but a meat bag meant to be extracted for pleasure and nutrients then discarded as simple waste.

It is too much, and you breakdown squalling, “n-no, please Mr. Ekans, anything but that, p-please…” You plant your face in the purple coils and cry. “...please…”

The ekans cares not of your wishes and the end of his coils slip between your hind legs so that you are straddling them. With two coils wrapped around your body, he lifts you into the air, and your legs dangle down, still too exhausted to move. The ekans brings his head down to inspect your pussy. A warm tongue brushes your cunt. You gasp out loud in pleasure. Why did that feel so good?

“Feels nice?” The ekans asks. “My venom must be working well. I wasn’t sure how much I managed to get in you. Looks like it was just the right amount. My venom is an aphrodisiac in small doses, just for cases like this.” He is right; your pussy throbs and is engorged. You’ve never been this horny in your life. This just adds to the horror that will be the rest of your life.

“Please sto- chaaAAA,” your useless begging is interrupted by a snake tongue entering your vagina. It snakes in and out each time drawing shallow breaths from you. For a moment, you forget what this all means, how all this will end, and enjoy the long slender tongue ravaging your willing depths. Your tongue hangs out the side, your eyes roll back in your head, and you blush. After a couple of minutes, your back legs begin to twitch. Just as you are about to orgasm, he pulls back. He comes back up to look at just how flustered he made you.

He smiles, pussy juices drip from his lips, “good little pikachu. Now, my turn.” He sets your back on the yellow underbelly and brings you to his dicks. Both are now fully out, forked like his tongue, and are rock hard. The coils grip the back of your fur and drag you closer to his undercarriage. You should be scared, and you are a little, but you are so worked up, the dicks look like fresh cool water during a hot drought.

Soon, the left dick pokes your pussy. You have no idea how that thing is going to fit inside you. The ekans must see the concerned look on your face because he says, “don’t worry, little one. If it can fit in a rattata, you won’t have much trouble. Although, I've never been with a pikachu; maybe you're a little less broken in than your average rattata whore.” Great, him raping his victims must be common. At least you are not alone in your fate. He delays no more and presses the left dick into your cunt. Both snake and mouse grunt as he tries to enter. All at once, the cock rushes between your wet folds.



In unison, your guttural pleasure moans join in the brush. The dick is big but your pussy stretches to fit. The ekans begins to thrust, going deep enough to slam into your cervix. You scream in pain but he does not slow; the ekans does not care if you gain pleasure from this. Even if he doesn’t care, as you get used to his size, you are getting pleasure from this. You return to the primal mind and just enjoy him having his way with you.

Three minutes of brutal sex pass by in a blur of purple, yellow, and passionate moaning. His dick twitches and your legs shake as both prey and predator approach climax. Whether by merit of his climax or just pure malice, the coils around your chest tighten to the point of almost crushing your rib cage. You can only make horrible choking gurgling sounds as no air can reach your lungs. The long penis crashes into your sensitive cervix and pumps warm seed directly into your womb. At the same time, you have the most intense orgasm you have ever experienced. The world around changes to shades of different colors, your whole body contracts and shivers, and your walls clamp down on the unwanted guest as hard as they can.

His dick twitches as it fills you to capacity and then some. Excess seed sprays his coils and the undergrowth around. His climax is finished but he does not ease his death grip but in fact, tightens it. For some horrific reason, not being able to breathe only increases the pleasure of your climax and you go into a continual orgasm that only amplifies with duration. The sadistic snake makes eye contact as he chokes his prey. You can’t look away from his eyes. The lack of oxygen is catching up to you, or maybe it’s the venom, and you begin to hallucinate. You are falling into the black slits of his eyes. The whole world becomes a sea of yellow. Falling… the black slits grow… Falling… Falling… The world is now nothing but the black pupils of your killer. Your body grows cold and a peaceful feeling starts to take hold of you. Death doesn’t seem so scary now.


The coils release their strangle on your chest. Reality comes crashing back into existence. Being brought back to life feels like being thrown into an icy river. Your orgasm also continues to shudder around the now still dick. Your legs twitch a few more times then go limp, and so does your head. Exhausted from the rape, choking, and venom, you can’t even summon the energy to cry. You just wish this would be over with already.

The ekans lets you recover. You lay there and pant. He removes his cock; snake cum oozes from your sore cunt. He sets you down and wraps you back up in his death hammock. You babble, "pii-pika pi…"

The ekans doesn't say a word and just looks at you with a strange hint of tenderness. He holds you in his coils for two minutes and squeezes and rubs you softly, massaging your sore muscles. It feels nice and you relax. You hardly notice the end of his tail creeping around your neck.

He licks your cheek and says, "that was fun, wasn't it? Now, to show you where little mice belong."

Before you can respond, the end of his tail strangles your neck. His other coils release you and the tail lifts you high into the air. Still too exhausted from the rape, you dangle in the air like a fisherman's catch as your hind legs kick meekly. His head moves below his meal and his maw opens wide for the yellow snack. The pinkish void drips with glistening strands of saliva. A fresh string of cum falls from your cunt into the maw, but it does not phase the ekans. He lowers you slowly.

Blackness clouds the edge of your vision once more, but you doubt the snake will be kind enough to let you die before swallowing you whole. Your tail enters first rubbing against warm, slimy flesh. Then your back paws join the tail in the hellish tunnel. The sickening sound of cracking jaws comes from below as the hungry snake makes way for your plump ass. Your rear gently lowered into the gullet is greeted by slippery drool to help your descent. Too big to swallow right away, the ekans balances you in his mouth and frees your windpipe from his tail. You gasp for air. The tail remains in place to keep you steady.

Maybe you could fight more, kick or plead, but you don’t; it would only delay your fate anyway. Might as well get this over with. The ekans works his snake magic, oscillating his head, taking you in no faster than an inch a minute. He breathes through a tube at the base of his maw so he doesn’t have to rush, so he can savor his meal. He has troubles with your hips and slows to a near halt.

During this time, you ponder all the poor life decisions that brought you to this moment: alerting the pidgey and therein the ekans, turning to run while an ekans was poised to strike, this whole Thunder Stone quest to begin with. So many tribe members warned you about this very thing. Most adventuring pikachu succumb to an ekans. You weren’t special enough to be eaten by something exotic, like a charizard. You're just another common pikachu being devoured by a common ekans. Soon to be lost in the sands of time as just another cog in Mother Nature’s brutal circle of life.


Your hips sink completely in the warm throat. Now to your relatively thin midsection, the ekans makes quick work stuffing the sedated pikachu down, each gulp taking an inch. Before you know it, your head is being gripped by his back throat ring, only your ears stick out of the maw and the rest of your body is wrapped snug in its slimy tomb. The ekans lays down straight in the tall grass. You make peace with the fact that this will be the last of the outside world you see. All at once…


The ekans head stretches forward but you not with it. You slide down easily as the mouth that just finished eating you gets smaller. The pink, fleshy innards of the coils now close in on all sides. The smell of previously digested rodents and poultry engulfs you. A calm cold-blooded heart beats loudly on the other side of the wall, you distinctly feel each of his pulses. He stops you about two feet down his coils. You rest not in the stomach, except your tail which burns in acids, but in his gullet. He closes his mouth and your world becomes pitch black. You struggle a little, just to let him know you do not approve of your situation but the tight walls keeps you in place, and only little ripples do your paws make. He lets out a hiss declaring victory and pauses for a moment to enjoy the moment. He lays flat and begins slithering with fresh meat in tow, probably wanting to find a good place to digest his Electric mouse dinner. The ekans' coils slide smoothly across the dry grass and with it, your body swishes back and forth, flowing in tandem with the graceful movements of your devourer.

The confines of your grave smother you but not like the crushing coils before. You are allowed to breathe but only stuffy air. Without fresh oxygen your body is docile and you begin to become sleepy. Just as you think you are about to nod off, the ekans stops, perks up straight, and opens its mouth. Up ahead, through the prism that is the back end of your killer's maw, the green forest glimmers in its natural glory; a sight you never thought you would see again. The ekans gulps down fresh air and saves you from suffocation. Then he promptly goes back to slithering; your world plunged back into darkness and despair.

You hate him. You fucking hate him. Why does he torture you so? What have you done to him? Other than deny him a three-course pidgey chick dinner? This can’t be all for that, can it? You thought no being could be this pointlessly cruel. He could have killed you thirty minutes ago and have been done with it. It's only fair that he eats you; that is his nature, what he has to do to survive, but to go through all this trouble just to keep you alive? Why? He seems hell-bent on making the rest of your life as miserable and awful as possible. You would scream and cry if you had the energy to do so.

Time loses all meaning in the oppressive snake’s gut. All you know is after endless slithering and ten more gulps of fresh air, he stops. He provides you with air once more, but this time a wave of saliva washes down with it. The walls contract and drag you deeper. You feel a strange sense of relief that he is finally eating you. After a short journey, you are forced into the living hell that is a snake's gut. The gut squeezes tight, almost like it is trying to pull the skin off you. Waves of disgusting slimy gel slather your body, adding layer after layer of bone-melting acid. The gut reeks of vomit and previous residents that happen to smell an awful lot like you. Something scratches your back leg; most likely a claw or talon of a digested Pokemon. The ekans must now be laying in a late evening sunbeam for the temperature in the gut increases to stifling levels.

“Piiii-KAAA…” you babble in terror. So this is your fate? This is what so many of your kind have experienced before? You now know why they avoided it, formed tribes and territory to push monsters like this out. What a fool you were for leaving. The gut continues its process to turn you into nutritious mush.

A gentle nudge from the outside disturbs your digestion dance. A booming voice says to you, “see, pikachu? That’s where you belong; that’s where you should end up. Us wild Pokemon living out here in the forest all end up there at some point. No shame in it. Food for the stronger. One day, after eating too many morsels like yourself, I’ll get too long for my own good and a pidgeotto will see me then rip me to shreds. Happens to the best of us and the worst as well.” He nudges you again and chuckles. The stomach is now overcoming its latest victim. Death approaches for you. The acid slime has soaked deep into your fur and you start to run out of air. It’s only a matter of moments before you belong completely to the ekans. “You deserve this. I won your body fair and square. The worthless mouse overpowered by the stronger snake. Happens every day around the world.” He’s right; you do deserve this. Your senses dull and your fate doesn’t seem so bad now. At least something is gaining pleasure from your death. “And that’s why this is so hard. But I hope I’ve taught you an important lesson.” What is he talking about?

The walls of the satisfied stomach shudder around you.
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