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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 191 - A Lover in the Grass - By Megaladong - Overview
The walls of the satisfied stomach shudder around you and expel you back to the gullet. The ekans maw opens wide, illuminating the pinkish walls of his fleshy esophagus. Ripples in the muscular throat flow up the gaping gullet. The coils behind you squeeze your slime-covered body diligently away from the now empty stomach. Your body makes a squelching sound with each inch pushed out. He's throwing you up? But why? Just to torture you more? You aren't sure whether you should be glad to be alive or terrified for what more the ekans can do to you.

Soon, your head enters the back of the throat once more but this time coming from the opposite direction. He holds you for a second in the maw. Around is a completely different part of the forest. The fresh smell of grass and pollen waft over your face, smelling better than ever after being locked tight in a grimy gut. The ekans hunches over, pointing your face to the ground; his coils already in a circle to catch you. With all his might, he revolts his meal back to the world. Your head squirms out of the tube slowly at first, but once he is to the neck, you come out quickly like a placenta-covered egg being born. A loud pop of hips breaking the suction of the neck followed by a solid, hefty hack from the now-empty ekans rings out in the forest. You plop to the ground but your fall is broken by writhing purple coils. Even though you are free, the poison still renders you feeble, and the coils take their time ensaring their now acid-covered prey. Like waves in a purple sea, you sink below the scaly surface and emerge to find yourself in the now all too familiar clutches of snake constrictors.

He squeezes tenderly and looks down on you, not with malice in his eyes but almost… kindness? A thick, smelly, dirty gel covers your whole body and still burns your skin. Such is the weight of the goo, the ends of your ears bend, struggling to hold up the extra mass. He tilts his head and smiles. "Prey is always so cute covered in my gut juices."

You try to respond but all that comes out is a pathetic, quiet, "pi..."

"Oh, but where are my manners? I'm sorry, little pikachu. My venom is a nasty thing. Here…" His tail reaches into a nearby bush and plucks a berry. Out from the greenery comes a ripe pecha berry. What? But those cure poison. He brings the berry to your mouth but you don't even have the energy to bite down. He squishes the berry with his powerful muscles. The sweet juices rollover down your tongue and into your gullet. Almost immediately, the juice eases some of the venom's effects. Movement returns to your limbs; although, only slight movement.

He plucks another and releases your arms from his grip. He drops the berry in your paw. You bring the berry up to your mouth and chew. While you eat, the ekans gently licks the acid from the fur. He tenderly grooms you clean, taking over five minutes turning your body around in his coils and reaching every crevice the acid got into. Why is he being so nice now? You feel conflicted; he just raped and almost ate you, but you can't help but feel a faint sense of being protected, of being loved. What's wrong with you?

After polishing off the berry and being cleaned of gut gunk, the ekans stops and tells you, "feeling better?"

You do; acid no longer burns your skin and the berry has cleansed the venom. You could move freely now, albeit slowly, if not for still being bonded by the ekans. "Y-yes… b-but… you aren't going to eat me?"

He laughs, "well it is tempting. But, eating the mother of my pup would be counterproductive; from a reproductive standpoint.”

“W-what?” Pup?

“Ha-ha, yes, that’s right dear. We ekans have adapted to use our prey to breed. I’ve hardly ever seen another ekans; and if it was a female ekans, she would be more liable to eat me than fuck me. The whole fuck-your-prey system works better for the females; they get sex and dinner wrapped in one. But I have to implement a catch-and-release program.”

You break down sobbing. You won’t die, but your journey to Thunder Mountain is over anyway. You’ll have to return to the tribe to raise your rapist’s young. You guess you could kill the egg, but your motherly instincts prevent you from even thinking the thought. You're not sure the ekans did you any favors. Females without mates are treated poorly in the tribe. If he had just eaten you, the embarrassment would be over already, but now, the humiliation will last the rest of your life.

“Hey, hey, hey…” he tries to calm you by massaging you once more. “Listen, you pissed me off back at the pidgey nest. I was stalking that for the past two days, learning the patterns of the parents so I could sneak in and gobble down their chick before they return. They’ll move the nest by tomorrow afternoon. I was so mad, that if you were a female rattata in heat, I still would have eaten you out of spite. But I’ve never seen a female pikachu in the wild; I’ve eaten a few scrawny bucks, but never a female. The way you acted at the nest made me think… Life in your tribe must be nice; at least nice enough it would produce someone like you who would save a stranger’s nest of a completely different species, a species that would rip you apart alive if they ever got the chance, from a mean ole snake. It may have been foolish but it would be nice to think my child might have a better life than I, north of that Crooked Tree. So I planted my seed in you and opted to spare you for that very reason. You may think it’s cruel but given the other option, you should count yourself lucky.”

You’ve stopped crying mostly, The ekans continues, “what’s your name, little pikachu?”

You sniffle, “Lulu,” you might as well know your pup’s father’s name so you ask him, “yours?”

“Huh… uhhh… I-I don’t have a name, I guess.” He seems almost embarrassed by it.

“You don’t have a name?”

“I mean, I’ve never even seen my mother. And my father was probably a rodent that was gurgling snake goop before the eggs were even fertilized. She buried my egg along with my siblings in the dirt and left long before we hatched. Then when I did hatch, my siblings seemed more interested in trying to eat me than naming me.”

“Your siblings tried to eat you?”

“My sister probably would have if she wasn’t already halfway done stuffing my brother down her gullet. And the other brother was too busy trying to eat the egg that had yet to hatch. You see now why I am glad to have a pichu pup, so my kid doesn’t have to grow up in this hell. I’ve had a few batches of rattata pups, but they live in this hell as much as I do.”

You ask him, “well, do you want a name?”

“Uh… sure. That would be nice to have a real name. Most things just call me monster or freak. What do you think I should be called?”

You think for a second, “how about Levi?”

“Levi? I like that... This may sound odd, at least to me, but th-thank you.” He struggles with spitting out the words thank you. “Nothing has ever been kind enough to name me other than curses.”

“You’re welcome, Levi.” You chirp. Maybe he’s not such a bad guy. If you were born in his scales, you probably would have turned out the same or worse. An attachment to Levi begins to grow in your heart, like moss on a rocky surface.

He looks around at the sky; the sun will set soon. “Come on, Lulu. You should stay the night with me. It’s dangerous at night. My den is just over there.” He nods his head to a small outcropping of rock that overhangs the ground. A tree grows atop the rock and its roots and vines hang over the cave-like entrance, clouding the light from entering and making the hole dark and foreboding. It is exactly what you imagined an ekans’ den would look like.

He drags you gently into his home. Inside the walls are covered in soft green moss and the den smells damp but in a quaint pleasant way. Once inside, his coils spend time encasing your entire body. It’s going to be cold out tonight, and he’s using your warm blood to heat himself. But in return, his thick coils act like a blanket returning the favor. The purple noodles envelop you completely; only your yellow snout, black nose, and half of your left ear stick out. Your right ear lays on the growling, empty stomach, reminding you of how your life was spared at the expense of the ekans’ dinner. Under the weight of his mass, you aren’t going anywhere, but somehow, it feels safe under him. These coils could have killed you and still could, but they don’t; in fact, they are protecting you from harm. Strangely, your heart flutters like it did when you first kissed a buck.

You spend the next few hours talking. Levi asks you about life in the tribe, wondering what it will be like for his pichu. You tell him and in turn ask him about his life out in the wild. He tells you he has survived nine winters but ekans do not denote time in years but in inches of their length. He is currently eight feet long which puts him in the prime of his life. As he grows, he gets slower and easier to spot and needs to hunt more. He guesses once he hits twelve feet, a pidgeotto will catch up to him. But that would be another decade or two.

Levi’s life was hard until he hit six feet. He was only born three feet long and his bite was not even venomous. For the first two years, he only ate caterpie, weedle, and the occasional unattended egg. It wasn’t till he was five feet that he killed his first rodent - a young prepubescent rattata. That was the turning point. He says his life is still hard, especially during the spring and fall where, due to the cool temperature, he can’t hunt at night.

As for his siblings, he never saw them again and was thankful for that fact. They probably didn’t make it to six-foot; most ekans don’t. His children are all rattata. When he finds a rattata burrow, he will force his way in, block the exit, eat all the pups and the buck, and then breed the female. He says it may be cruel to a pikachu’s eyes, but that is how the gods made him. And, he says, the females don’t protest as much as you think for now they have security that he will not raid their den again for at least a few months. Some rattata keep the same den so he comes back again to repeat the process. He says sometimes he is conflicted eating stray rattata as they might be his child or grandchild, but if he didn’t, he would starve. So he tries not to think about it.

You chat for a bit longer about random stuff. Levi is actually somewhat funny and charming. But soon you both tire and fall asleep. It is one of the most peaceful night's sleep you have ever had.

You wake up in the morning still under the coils. Levi is still asleep but you are horny and begin exploring the length of his body until you find his slit. You play under the hood until he wakes and promptly gives you the dick your pussy aches for. This time, his mating is more sensual.

You talk for a bit more then he lets you free from his grip. It feels cold and scary without him wrapped around you. You fill up on berries and electricity returns to your cheeks. You make sure to tell him what you intend to name the child given their gender just in case they ever met their father. He nods his head. You wave goodbye to Levi and he flicks the end of his tail back.

As you are leaving, he tells you, "meet me here when the day is as long as the night and the first spring buds of the trees sprout. Then we can mate again."

You think you would be disgusted by his offer after he took your choice of mate away and dashed your dreams, but you're not. In all honesty, you love him now and probably will meet again. You look forward to it.

You head off north, back to the tribe, now carrying a predator's child in your womb. You won't tell the tribe it was an ekans, who knows what they would do, but tell them it was an outsider pikachu. You clean your fur of the smell of snake guts and cum at the base of the Crooked Tree. You sigh and walk back to the watering hole, defeated in your quest but still alive.


You return to your tribe disgraced. Being impregnated by another Pokémon is one of the worst things a female pikachu can do. You are shunned, even by your own family, and pushed out of social groups. You are forever known as a slut, and no male will become your life mate. Next spring, you go into heat, and you can't control yourself. You meet Levi in his den. He is now a few inches longer. He breeds you once more but is gentle, kind, and passionate. After mating, he asks you about his pup and you give him updates. You leave before dark and you return to the tribe. You can't help but feel unsatisfied about the encounter. Like it lacked the oomph of the first time. You wait until you know he impregnated you, then you fuck a few un-mated males to abate suspicions from the tribe.

In between springs, you started to have these dreams where your first encounter with Levi ended differently. He never spits you up and keeps you as his rightful dinner. These should have been nightmares, but to you, they were wet dreams. You would wake up flustered and have to relieve your needy cunt before you could return to sleep.

Next year you return to Levi and he makes love to you in a similar way as the last. So unsatisfied you were, you didn't even orgasm. He didn't seem to notice but you had to get off. You gave him a strange request, "um… Levi… could you… you open your mouth?"

He seemed confused by your request but obliged. You played with yourself while looking into the mesmerizing mouth until you came. Levi looked perturbed by his mate's sexual fascination with his maw but did not ask any follow-up questions. You return to the tribe once more carrying a snake's child.

The dreams become more vivid and frequent. Next spring you returned to your lover in the grass and started off with a question, "c-can you… um, strangle me when you cum? Like you did when we first met?" He had the same look but said sure. He did, and it helped you have an intense orgasm. During post-sex cuddles, he left his mouth ajar and you tease his tongue. You must have tasted good for saliva drips from his mouth. You then entered his maw and played around, looking down the hungry gullet but too afraid to explore deeper. Levi let you play in his maw without forcing anything except the occasional tongue flick.

Next year, you met once more and he strangled you again. This time, in his maw, you couldn't help but want to go deeper. It almost called to you like an old friend. You shoved your head in the throat like it was a burrow. He immediately hacked you back up, "what are you doing!" He exclaimed. You explained your want and he agreed to let you go down the tube but only if he had a safe word for you; he didn't want to kill you, after all. You agreed upon one tap against his insides meant, "I'm good, send me deeper,'' two meant, "get me out of here!" He cracked his jaws open and let you snuggle in headfirst. It took a while to get inside but once you were in the throat you tapped once and his walls worked you deeper. His insides had grown since the last time you were down here and it was roomier. Every inch closer to the stomach sent shivers of terror mixed with excitement up your spine. You kept tapping once every half foot until an open sphincter laid before you. On the other side was his stomach, gurgling and churning away, naturally preparing itself for a pikachu lunch. But too afraid to commit to going in willingly, you denied the extra tap that would send you to satiate its hunger. So turned on by the sight, you started stroking your sex. You orgasm to the thought of filling his gut once more, making it sing a happy tune and then letting it melt you into your lover permanently. Your whole body shuddered in the slimy meat tube. Afterward, the air got stuffy and you tapped twice and a strong esophagus sent you back to the outside world. Levi was a bit weirded out by your obsession but did not complain.

In the summer of that year, your one-year-old pichu was a mischievous little guy. He loved disobeying you and sneaking off to explore the forest on his own. Without a father to beat sense into him, one day, he ran off south of the Crooked Tree into dangerous territory. Your pichu quickly found himself wrapped up in the hungry coils of an ekans. Fortunately, it was Levi and he knew his son's name and spared the pichu his life. But not before his father put the fear of the gods into him. Upon reuniting with you, your son, smelling an awful lot like the inside of an ekans, wailed into your fur that he would never sneak off again. He never did. It made you love and trust Levi that much more.

Next spring, you mate with Levi again then travel to the port of his stomach. Still too afraid to venture further, you masturbated on the outside of the stomach then knocked twice on the walls. But the walls did not send you back but remained motionless. You knocked twice again but this time a booming voice told you, "you know what, Lulu? I am pretty hungry this year. This relationship thing was fun but I think it's time to use you as food. It was nice knowing you.” A fresh batch of saliva washed over your ass and powerful muscles forced you into the gut. The sphincter closed tight behind you, plunging you into darkness. You freaked out. You screamed, cried, and begged with Levi as the gut repeated the process it did those few years ago. But Levi did not care. He mocked you the entire time, telling you how fun it is to see you squirm, how tasty you are, how worthless little mice are, and how sad your pups will be when their mother doesn’t return tonight. After two minutes of digesting, vain struggling, and relentless teasing, you become docile and begin to accept your fate. You feel all those emotions you did before. You guessed this is what loving a snake leads to in the end.

Just as you started to fade, the gut shuddered around you and sent you back up the tube. After hacking your gel-covered body out, Levi smiles down on you. He was just playing. You spend the next few minutes, through your blubber tears, scolding Levi for what he did to you. You did not find it funny or sexy, or if you did the terror of thinking you were going to die overrode it. He sincerely apologized and said he just thought you would like it and promised to never do anything like that again. You never tell him, but you masturbated to that incident often.

Next spring you mate again and explore Levi’s insides. You get to the stomach and this time knock once; you’re ready. Through the wall, Levi asked, “you sure?” You knock once more. He takes you in, this time willing. It’s hell in there but there are so many emotions attached to his stomach that you find it arousing. You are not sure if the initial incident with Levi crossed some wires in your mind or if the wires were all ways crossed and the incident unlocked them or, more horrifically, some part of your rodent brain wants to be eaten, but you now love the idea of being eaten alive. And what better way to live that fantasies than in real life, in the stomach of a trusted lover. The gut gurgled around you and your pleasure moans, as you fingered yourself, joined them. After cumming and letting the gut enjoy you for a bit, you knocked twice and Levi freed you once more.

As the years progress, your requests become even kinkier; including poisoning, consuming you in a tree, anal penetration, role play hunting, and even once, watching him eat a rattata alive. But in the end, you breed with Levi every one of your fertile years and raise the ekans seven pichu; two are taken by predators but the others survive until they are pikachu. Your firstborn was a son and was a lot like his father. He was a sneak and a trouble maker. He was accused of rape by a couple of females and exiled. The rest of your children live to become low-ranking members of the tribe.

In your infertile years and after your last pichu evolved, you still visited Levi not sure if he would eat you now that you no longer supply him pups, but he didn’t. He still makes love to you, and now you have more time to sneak off, see him during the summer and fall. You visited him at least twice a week.

Then came your eleventh fall. Your fur had faded to a pale yellow, your bones ached, and silver strands adorned your black-tipped ears. You knew, like all pikachu do, that your time had come, that you would not survive the next winter. A strange thought popped into your head, and you knew it was meant to be. The last leaf had fallen and you snuck out into the wilderness. You found a now ten-foot Levi in his den. You told him of your idea and he asked if you were sure. He expressed he didn’t want to but eventually conceded when he saw how much it meant to you. You were going to be his hibernation meal for the winter.

You climbed in his maw and he began to take you down tail first. With his greater size, he got past the hips much faster. Once he got to the head, he paused. You told him, with tears in your eyes, goodbye and that you loved him and not to worry; this is what you wanted more than anything in the world; to be a part of him forever. He gulped and you began your final descent. This time, Levi wasn’t going to let you free and that was okay. Once in the familiar confines, you masturbated once more and then laid still in a state of pure bliss. It felt so right to become a part of him. You owed him this after all. All your children you bore for Levi pass through your mind. Despite failing in your quest to find a Thunder Stone, you couldn’t help but feel you had a full, satisfying life. After a few minutes in the stomach, you began to pass out. As you faded, you felt at peace.

From the outside, Levi looked down on the motionless lump growing ever colder. He felt strange, something his reptilian heart had never felt before… grief? But if that was true, then he must have loved Lulu - another alien emotion. He shook his head and said, “she was just a stupid mouse. And mice are just food.” Even so, as he laid his head on the lump to rest for the winter, a strange liquid came from the corners of his eyes and streamed onto his coils.

In the tribe, some lower-status pikachu go into the wild to die so your disappearance was marked up to that. The tribe did not mourn your passing, but your children did; they thought of you as a good mother. And Levi did mourn, though he would never admit it, even to himself. He tried not to think of you; it is below a predator to think of simple prey, but ever so often, after securing a rodent dinner, emotion would rise in his cold-blooded heart, but he swallowed it down like he did his meals. He died eight years after your death, just how he predicted, to a pidgeotto. It just so happened to be Ava’s mate that did the killing. It’s a small forest after all. You left no legacy. But hey, at least you served your lover in life and in death!
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