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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 192 - Staying Put - By Megaladong - Overview
You’re going to call it a day. Safe places to rest are rare and to pass this up maybe foolish. You look around the area and see a tree with a crook just big enough to sleep inside. You climb up the tree and look; it’s a small space that looks like it hasn’t been occupied in quite some time. Some dry straw and twigs line the floor. It would be a perfect place to sleep for the night. This will be your temporary home.

You spend the next few hours around the area, relaxing and practicing your battle stance. Once the sun starts to set, you climb into the crook and curl up into a ball. You had a few close calls today, but all in all, it turned out okay. Maybe you are cut out for Thunder Mountain. You yawn and quickly fall asleep.

You wake up the next morning a little late but it’s still early enough to get a good bit of traveling today. You climb out of the tree and head down. You stretch out the morning cramps and grab a bite to eat from the oran bush. You clean up in the creek and prepare to set out. So many tribe members told you, you wouldn’t even last a night out here, but you did and you still feel at full power. Thunder Mountain doesn’t seem so far away now. You strike off south, reinvigorated in your quest.

After thirty minutes of travel, the sounds of peeping ring from a nearby tree. “Oh, so you survived the night?” It’s Ava’s voice. Up in a tree is Ava, the pidgey from last night, and another pidgey in a nest with three plump pidgey chicks.

She looks down on you with piercing eyes. “I’m surprised,” she continues, “You didn’t seem the type that would last long out here. I figured an ekans would have been your sleeping bag last night. Too bad, a full predator is one that isn’t hunting. But I’m sure around lunchtime a predator will be nice and full. Hopefully, they leave scraps.” She licks her beak.

You growl but otherwise, don’t dignify Ava with a response. As you walk away, Ava yells, words dripping with sarcasm, “good luck, pikachu.”

Mostly unfazed by what a stupid pidgey has to say, you continue on your journey. After traveling for an hour with no interactions, you are hit by a lone raindrop upon the noes. You look up to see a rain cloud moving in from the north. Low rolls of thunder shake the trees, and the wind picks up. It’s about to rain hard but it doesn’t look like it will last long. Your adventure will have to take a break until the rain passes. You find a healthy bush and sit under a big leaf. The rain starts to come down in waves.
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