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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 194 - Eighteen Swishing Tails - By Megaladong - Overview
You decide to run to the left; the vulpix seem to be leading you to the clearing, so who knows what is up ahead; maybe a dead end? Whatever the case, you make a sharp turn using your rodent hips, making you slow down only a tiny bit. You dash off down the narrow path.

After ten yards, another vulpix springs its trap. Yet again, you tussle with a predator over twice your size; only this time, you have no electricity. The vulpix overpowers you with its size and you end up, once more, on your back, staring down the snout of a hunter. It can’t end like this, can it? You focus with all your might and punch the incoming snout right on the nose. It yelps and is knocked back, leaving an opening to get out from under the vulpix.

You make it out and start running once more. *SNAP* “CHAAAAA!” A searing pain explodes from your tail and all forward momentum is stopped. You look back to see the vulpix you punched in the nose has recovered and has sunk his sharp teeth deep into your leathery tail. The vulpix that has caught you is a three-tailed male, a lot like Xander, but unlike Xander, has conviction and confidence in his eyes and is much bigger. A small dribble of blood emanates from his left nostril, and his pupils are fully dilated and glowing yellow. He growls in anger and excitement.

No, this can’t be. You are not going anywhere with his teeth in your tail, so you turn around to attack him physically. You punch at his nose once more hoping to double down on his pain, but he drags you backward and shakes his head violently, disorientating you. Most of your flails miss but some land true. More blood flows from his nostrils, now both, and his eyes fill with tears, but he does not let go; this is all or nothing for him; he just has to hold you for a few more seconds till his group catches up.

Soon, his pack, your execution crew, trot around either side of him. One is a young female with three tails; her perfect red coat and beautiful brown eyes would tell anyone she is in the prime of her youth; a lot like you are. Another is a six-tailed tod. He is much older and has battle scars and silver strands of fur, but his age and scars have served him well, and only makes him appear more attractive and powerful. The last of the three is a six-tailed vixen; she is a lot like the six-tailed reynard, but her age has not treated her well; she looks old and cynical; still, her eyes exude confidence. You are pretty sure you’ve seen these vulpix at the watering hole before but you've never been this close to them. They seem like giants as they loom over you. Hope is fading fast.

“Zoya, help Dex out,” the older male shouts, “the bitch is a feisty one. Grab her by the ear.” The younger female quickly rushes over and bites your ear. Between the two three-tailed, they pull you taunt, like they are in a tug of war.

“PIKA-PIKA!” you shout into the forest for help.

“Would you like to do the honors, Roxy?”

“Oh, thank you so much,” the older female says sarcastically in a smokey old voice, “such a kind leader is Maz the Great. Letting little old me hold the neck while you feast on pika-belly.”

“I’ll do it, Roxy. But you’re the one that missed the first bite.” Says Maz.

“But I recall you missing the second, easier bite.” Says Roxy.

“Can’th you’th th’wo stop’th arguing? I need tooh sneezf.” Says Dex with a clenched jaw.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” huffs Roxy, “but only because I like the neck.”

During the whole conversation, you’ve tried to struggle free but to no avail; you are only seconds from being turned into vulpix chow. Roxy walks over to you and looks down with satisfaction. Her chops drip with drool, and she licks her jowls, preparing herself for a lunch courtesy of you.

You beg for your life, tears streaming down your face, “No! Please don’t.” She does not dignify you with a response; you might have well said nothing at all. She casually opens her maw and brings it to your neck. You punch at it like you did Dex’s but Roxy takes her time, dodging your punches like they are nothing. She waits for an opening and finds one. She leans in and clamps down on your exposed neck. Blood gushes from your neck and horrific gargling comes from your mouth. It doesn’t hurt as much as you think it would but it is still not pleasant. Roxy’s tongue laps the blood pooling on your neck. The blow is fatal; no denying it now, you are fox food.

Eighteen tails around you swish happily. Zoya and Dex let go of your tail and ear respectively. Roxy stays looming over you, pinning you to the ground by your neck. Her job is to bleed you to death while the others feast on you alive; the rest of your life is going to be hell. You still have energy and you writhe and kick but Roxy is much stronger and keeps you pinned without trouble.

Dex begins sneezing profusely. Maz laughs, “she got you pretty good! Better than a shock, trust me.”

Dex sneezes a few more times then sniffles, “agh... fuck. Alright, I’m good. Let’s dig in.”

Maz, Zoya, and Dex crowd in around your stomach and lick their chops. “Okay, here’s the deal,” says Maz, “we’ll eat the guts here, then we’ll split the rest of the meat for our kits.” They all nod in agreement.

Maz continues, “Dex, you caught her, so you get first bite.”

You would plead for mercy, for them to kill you first before ripping you to shreds but all that comes out is curdles of blood. It wouldn't matter anyway. They don't care for your suffering; in fact, they seem to enjoy it.

A cold wet nose pokes your right side and a small whine comes from Dex. From this angle, there is nothing you can do to stop him; you brace yourself. Long fangs sink deep in your right side. Dex sends a flame down his gullet.

You can feel fire come down his throat. Flames, like waves, wash over your belly. The smell of singed fur and cooking flesh fills the air, accompanied by the sounds of popping roasting fat and hissing blood turning into steam. The pain is excruciating, forcing your eyes wide and raspy yelping to come from your throat, but all you can do is flail pointlessly. The heat cauterizes the wound, lessening the blood loss and extending your life needlessly; this is going to be a long brutal process. Once the meat is cooked to his liking, he rips the chunk out.


"Oh yeah, that hits the spot," says Dex. His back leg thumps the ground as though someone just scratched behind his ear. He licks his chops clean of your blood. He makes eye contact with you and smiles smugly. His tongue hangs out the side and drips with blood and drool. He is enjoying watching you die a little too much. While Dex is gloating over his prey and informing you on just how good you taste, two more cold snouts poke their lunch; one on your left side and one between your legs. To which vulpix the snouts belong is unknown for Roxy’s head obscures most of your grisly fate, but they do not waste much time and sink their teeth deep; one set of jaws dig into your left and the other directly into your sex. They use ember to char broil your belly fat and vagina. You squirm and gargle once more, but just like before, it only proves a minor inconvenience to your predators.

Seeing you in such great pain excites Dex’s prey drive and he bends back down to continue eating. He reaches deep into the gaping wound he created and bites down on something squishy. He yanks his head back and brings with it a least two feet of your intestine. You feel everything. He snips off chunks, fries them, and quickly gobbles them down. Meanwhile, Zoya and Maz make quick work eviscerating you, only stopping to gulp, lick their chops, or make a brief comment about how good this tastes. The only constant is the wagging of tails. Dex finishes and rejoins the group while Roxy waits patiently for you to stop moving so she can have her turn.

As more chunks of guts leave your body over the next long painful two minutes, your fighting becomes weaker and weaker until finally, you go completely limp. Horrifically, you can feel a gaping hole where your guts were. They have eaten about two-thirds of your gut in less than three minutes. Only weak hoarse breathing comes from your windpipe and the occasional cough of blood spews out from your blood-filled lungs. Why does it have to end like this? You feel so weak and useless.

Roxy, seeing you weakened to the point of not resisting, begins to heat her maw. She cooks your throat to her liking, must be well-done, and rips it from you. The pain is almost too much but you cannot protest. She stands over you, and you get to see, up close and personal, her mash the meat with her teeth and gulp. She wastes little time and goes for the right side of your neck and begins cooking that.

From below, your uninvited dinner guests have finished their meal and are now pulling your legs apart. A sickening crack comes from your hips as your legs are dislocated from their socket. Dex and then Zoya pass by with a pika-leg in their maw. They toss the legs casually to the side in a pile; they are harvesting their bounty for their young.

Roxy is done cooking your right side of the neck and rips that out too. She eats and moves on to the left side of the neck. You are finally passing from this world; your ears ring and vision starts to tunnel, but not quick enough. A strong tug on your ear from an unknown vulpix cracks your exposed spine. Another tug frees your head from your body. You are lifted to witness the massacre that is your gory scene; blood coats the formerly green grass, bits of cooked and raw meat are scattered everywhere, your lower section is completely missing save for your tail which will be a nice gnawing toy, your upper torso is there but is being saved for hungry kits, Roxy is gnawing on your stubby neck, Zoya and Dex are picking through the gore for extra bits, and Maz must be the one who is caring your head. Just three minutes ago, you were an intact pikachu. Now, most of you rest inside happy full stomachs.

Looking at the sight, you think you should be upset, but past the terror and pain of being eaten alive, you can’t help but feel sanguine about your fate. The vulpix won your body; it is only fair they killed you; it’s what they have to do to survive. They outsmarted you in the hunt and will rest easy tonight knowing they won’t have to hunt again till tomorrow. You like to imagine those wagging tails are thanking you. And they are using every part of you; you won’t go to waste. Somehow that thought makes you happy. You will never have children but some of you will be used to feed their kits. And what is a more motherly act than feeding children?

Maz trots off with your head and tosses it into a pile where your detached legs now rest. Your head rolls to a stop looking at the back left leg’s bloody stump. Your vision tunnels to a point. As you fade you feel at peace.


Dex sneaks through the brush. A small game trail to his side. Scouting prey is his favorite part. Something about it just seems so fun. That said, he hasn’t had any luck so far.

“Agh… Fuck.” He whispers to himself. He looks down at his throbbing pink wound; the pain is flaring up again. Upon his side belly is a large pink scar that still hurts from time to time, reminding him of his foolishness in the rut. Dex is the best of his peer group. He is smart, agile, and strong, so it was no surprise to the community when he waltzed back to the breeding grounds this year. Still surviving the winter was hard and he had a few close calls, but the odds were in his favor. So he wasn’t going to settle for just any old mate; he wanted at least a four-tailed, and he wasn’t going to sit out like the other three-tailed tods.

When the rut started, he was a bit scared. The older males seemed so confident, so powerful but so was Dex. Though, Dex wasn’t going to challenge just any six-tailed reynard; he would have to choose his target wisely. And there he was. An old tod named Iosif. Iosif was older than the forest itself. A once-powerful vulpix turned feeble by the sands of time. Iosif had his sights on a three-tailed cute little vixen; not Dex’s first choice but his preferred mates were all being courted by reynard Dex was afraid to fight. Still, a three-tailed tod landing another three-tailed vixen is almost unheard. But Iosif is someone Dex could take on. Or so he thought. He challenged Iosif, but before Dex knew what happened, he ended up in the ash with sharp fangs in his side. He lost to an ancient vulpix in one of the most humiliating ways, in front of everyone at the breeding grounds.

The wound was so bad, Dex had to cauterize it himself to keep it from bleeding out and getting infected. A process he does not like to recall. Dex was put in his place and his confidence in himself was rocked to the core. He did not challenge anyone until all the higher-tailed tods made their selection. Eventually, he settled for Roxy; an older-than-dirt vixen. She wasn’t even attractive in the way some six-tails are, in a kind-of motherly, assertive way. No, she was just straight-up ugly and mean as sin. But she at least knows how to raise kits. So many eggs and dicks have paraded through her cunt over the years that the knot did not even get stuck.

A glint of yellow disturbs Dex’s thoughts. Through the brush, a female pikachu can be seen walking down the path to the south. She is much too far away from the tribe to be with another pikachu. He gets a better look; she is not just a wandering pikachu but a Central Tribe pikachu. He can tell by her beauty. Pikachu that live in the wild have deformities from inbreeding and Southern Tribe pikachu are larger and less attractive. Plus, he’s pretty sure he has seen this pikachu at the watering hole a few times. Normally, pikachu from the Central Tribe are off-limits due to a treaty to share the watering hole. But by the law of the treaty, pikachu are fair game south of the Crooked Tree.

Dex sneaks through the brush after her, making sure not to step on a twig. Where is she going? She is heading south towards the cliff. The sun is almost at noon; time to meet with his group. He leaves the pikachu alone for now and heads to the meet-up spot. After about ten minutes of walking, he ends up back at the base of a large tree. Zoya is already there. She is stunningly beautiful. She has a perfect tight body, an even healthy coat, and beautiful brown eyes. No wonder why his father, Maz, went after her.

“Hey, Dex,” she smiles.

“Zoya,” he smiles back. Just the way she smiles makes his heart flutter. “Any luck?”

“No, nothing. You?”

Dex holds back a grin. “Maybe I did find something. But I’ll wait till our worse halves return.”

She giggles. “What? Roxy not doing it for you.”

“That old-” he realizes he is talking a bit loud and quiets down, ”that old cooter?” Zoya giggles at that. “Her cunt coughs instead of queefs.”

Zoya barely holds back a laugh, “oh, is that so? Well Maz… oh, I shouldn’t say anything.”

“Now wait a minute, you can’t just say that and leave me hanging. Give me the scoop on my pops.”

“Well… he… um,” she leans in and whispers real quiet, “has problems unsheathing sometimes.”

Dex grins, “so Maz has trouble drawing his sword?”

“Well - yes,” she blushes a bit, “but he makes up for it in other ways... He knows his way around a vixen.”

“Oh? I like to think I do myself.”

“You? I doubt it. Your only experience is with Roxy.”

“I’m a fast learner.”

“Uh-hu, sure Dex. Roxy told me you came in her before you even locked hips.”

Dex gets a bit flustered, “she told yo-” he calms down. “...So what? It was the first time, but I’ve gotten better.”

“Maybe on top of an old vixen. But I doubt you could last a second on a young vixen like me.”

“Is that a challenge?”

Zoya swaggers up to Dex and rubs her length under his chin. Dex’s heart stops. Is this really happening? She walks out in front of Dex and flicks her tails up, revealing a tight brown fox cunt. She lowers her head to look back between her legs seductively and says, “I might be.”

Dex does nothing but gawks for a second. Not wanting to waste this opportunity, Dex regains his composure quickly. A smirk spreads across his face, “let me show you what I’ve learned then.”

Dex takes a step forward to satisfy the presenting vixen. “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…” angry growling comes from the left. Dex and Zoya snap their heads to look. Maz has returned and has seen the two horny three-tailed about to cheat on their mates. Maz’s eyes are glowing yellow, his teeth are bearing, and billowing rolls of smoke come from the corners of his mouth. Dex gulps; it reminds him of how Iosif looked before tearing into him.

Dex crouches low, lowers his ears, and tucks his tails between his legs. Maz sulks closer, continuing to look pissed. “M-Maz, it-it’s not what it looks like.” Maz looms over Dex and gnashes his teeth, his breath smelling like a forest fire. Dex rolls over, exposing his neck and stomach. “I-I wasn’t going to do anything. I swear.” A lie made evident by his half unsheathed cock laying on his stomach.

Maz brings his maw to Dex’s throat and in a dark low growl, “she’s mine this season, kit.” Maz blows steam on Dex’s neck and Dex does nothing but whimper. “That’s right.” He pulls back and turns his attention to Zoya. “Fucking whore.” Zoya cringes in shame, ears low, and refuses to make eye contact. Maz circles his mate menacingly.

“Did I miss something?” The tension is broken by Roxy returning. Dex looks to Maz; Maz could rat him out to his mate. Who knows how Roxy would react; not well, that’s for sure.

Maz relaxes and says, “uh… nothing.” Dex breathes a sigh of relief. “So anyone find anything?” Maz is the leader of the pack. He is a respected hunter and even Roxy, who is a good hunter, cynical, and loves to challenge authority, abdicated leadership to Maz. In fighting is not useful when there are kits to feed.

Roxy chimes in, “a nest of rattata; four pups, no male, one female.”

“Plenty of easy meat; we could smoke them out,” says Maz. “But if we want something with a little more work, I found a herd of deerling; four like to split off to play in a grove. We just have to isolate one to have enough for all of us. What about you, Zoya.”

“No luck.”

“Great… Dex?”

Dex grins, “a pikachu.” Their ears perk up in unison.

“Go on…” says Roxy.

“Young female, all alone, heading south.”

“Female?” Asks Roxy. “She’s not one of those inbred ones, is she?”

“No, Central Tribe. I’m sure of it.”

“Ohhh… that’s hard to pass up. I haven’t eaten pikachu in a few years.” Says Roxy. “That’s my vote. What do you say, Maz?”

“The deerling and the nest will be there tomorrow. I say let's eat chu tonight.” They all nod in agreement. “Dex, lead the way.”

The hunt is on. Dex rushes through the brush with a pack in tow. They expertly weave their way through the thick growth. Dex returns to the place he last saw the pikachu. He sniffs a leaf she brushed against, “there, that’s her scent.” The others take turns getting her smell. They all sniff down the trail after her.

After about ten minutes, Maz stops and whispers, “there she is,” about thirty yards away is a pikachu walking down the trail. “Split up, mate pairs, Zoya and I will go left.” They go wide apart and begin to circle the unexpecting pikachu. So good are the vulpix at stalking prey, a sound is hardly made. The vulpix are now in position to attack. Dex is just waiting on Maz to give the signal.

The pikachu stops suddenly. A low roll of thunder comes from the north. It's about to thunderstorm. From across the clearing, Dex sees Maz blow two puffs of smoke; their signal to call off the attack. But why? They have her dead to rights. But it's not Dex’s place to argue. Maz heads off south and so do the others.

They regroup at the base of a fallen tree that crosses the game path. By the time they get there, the rain is coming down in waves. The four foxes drenched in water; nothing worse to a Fire-type than being stuck out in the rain. But that is what hunting calls for sometimes.

“Why did we call it off?” Asks Dex, shouting through the heavy rain.

“Thunderstorm,” informs Maz. “This is her weather and our weakness. Plus circling her won’t work anyway. If she gets out of the circle, she can outrun all of us. And she can get out if she has a Thundershock or two.”

“Then what’s the plan?”

“With pikachu, you have to exhaust their electricity and spread it out over the pack. One shock will hurt like a bitch, but it won’t do too much damage. But a second shock will make you limp for a week, even after eating a bush full of cheri berries. So here’s the plan,”

*CRRRAKK---BOOOOOOMM* their conversation is suddenly ruined by a loud crack of thunder. They all jump up at the loud sound.

“Fucking hell!” Shouts Maz. They all calm down and he continues, “I know this area fairly well. Down that path are the cliff and waterfall. But we can’t just wait to corner her there, will have to take a few shocks out of her first. Roxy and I will hide under this log and wait for her to jump down. I’ll headbutt her then Roxy will pounce. Go for the kill, but the pikachu will probably shock before that. Then I’ll try and sneak a bite on her. If I hit, she’ll bleed out and we can just stalk her till she wears out. If I miss, that’s okay too; hopefully, I can draw another shock out.

“Then Zoya, you’ll hide in the brush up the path about forty yards. We’ll keep up the chase. Pounce on her when she runs by. Hopefully, we tired her out in the first bout but if not, you’ll take the third shock. Now, from what I’ve experienced, fully rested pikachu can have about four or five shocks, but after a bit of fighting and running, they have only about three. So, she should be out by that time. Then we just need to contain her.

“That’s where you come in Dex. You’ll hide in the brush off the left game path. If she runs straight, double back and head her off at the cliff. We should be able to catch up and box her in. Then we circle and eat. If she heads down your path, you’ll have to pounce. Do not fuck it up; if you miss, we all go hungry and will be sore from being shocked. Can we trust you?” Dex nods. “Good, any questions?” No one says anything. “Alright, let's get into position.”

They head off to their given positions. Maz comes to Dex, “I want to talk to you alone.” Oh no, this is probably about Zoya.

They both trot down to the junction in the path. The rain is starting to wrap up and talking can resume normal volume. Once out of earshot of the females, Dex tries to take hold of the conversation, “Look Maz, I'm sorry about Zoya. I didn’t want to upset you; it’s just, I couldn’t control myself when she did that.”

Maz lets out a deep belly laugh. “I don’t give a shit about that. I don’t blame you; I’d do the same thing in your position. Vixens are not loyal, remember that. They'll bend over for any cute thing that isn't afraid to show teeth. So I expect that kind of thing to happen. I just wanted you to know she’s mine this year. And if you try again, I'll give you a new scar to cauterize."

“Oh, o-okay.”

“No, I wanted to talk to you about something else. A little fatherly advice. I don’t typically care for my kits after they're grown, but I like you. Maybe it’s because I've grown soft in my age, or maybe because you remind me of myself when I had three tails. You want to know why you lost to old Iosif?”

“Because I am weak, and I overestimated my abilities.” A fact Dex has been wrestling with for a month now.

Maz chuckles. “No son, you didn’t underestimate your abilities. You could have beat Iosif if you wanted to. In fact, I bet you could beat about half of the six-tailed right now. But I could tell you would fail the second you challenged him.”


“Easy… Now what I’m going to tell you took me until I had five tails to figure out so listen closely. Your old man is about to give you a leg up next rut. If the other tods knew I was telling you this, they’d cook me alive. So you didn't hear this from me: The secret to landing a mate isn’t about who's the strongest, it’s about who wants her more.”

“Huh? I don’t understand.”

“Ah... see, you wonder why the other tods didn’t challenge Iosif? It’s because the old fart has nothing to lose. He won’t survive the next winter, so he figures might as well go out with a bang. But you, you have your whole life ahead of you. You didn’t stand a chance. He was fighting for his life, while you were fighting for some pussy. Now, pussy is a great motivator, especially when that spade is plump, tight, and attached to a cute little vixen, but it’s nothing compared to fighting for your life.

“So next year, if you don’t wanna be fucking a vixen as old as Lady herself, then don’t size up tods by their strength; size them up by how bad they want that vixen. And you yourself need the mentality that it’s this vixen or the grave. Truly believe that in your heart. It may be your last rut anyway, so don't hold back. The other reynards will know how badly you want her by the look in your eyes. The eyes never bluff. And if you don't want to die for her, then don't bother fighting; unless you just want more scars.

"That’s how you get quality pussy that squeezes back and sings when you fuck it. It’s not about being stronger than your opponent; It's all about who is willing to die for that fresh cunt.”

Dex has never thought about it like that before. But it makes sense. Usually, vulpix don't care for their offspring or parents after their tails split. It's hard to love a parent that kicked you out into the living hell that is the forest when you were only a half year old, but Maz has been more than helpful to him, even if it's in his own dickish way. "Thanks, Maz. I'll remember that."

"Good. Just don't use that knowledge on your old tod next year." He laughs. The rain has almost stopped. "Now, get into position. Hopefully, she doesn't get to you, but if she does, you're our last line of defense. Just remember, this is pack hunting. Grab on to anything; her tail, ear, leg, anything you can sink your teeth into. You just have to hold her for a few seconds till we catch up. Don't fuck it up."

"I won't."

"I know you won't. That's why I picked you to do this last part." Maz turns around and trots off back to the log.

The rain has stopped now, and Dex shakes the water from his fur and stretches. He finds some tall grass and nestles in. Now well camouflaged, all Dex has to do is wait for lunch to come to him.


Thus, ending your story. You were brutally ripped to shreds and devoured alive by greedy vulpix. After dividing your leftovers between the two pairs of mates, they carry the fresh pikachu meat bounty back to their kits. Their kits ate well that night; pikachu is a rare delicacy to vulpix. Your meat rested that night in eight different happy vulpix stomachs and was digested by the morning. Nothing but a clean pikachu skull was left. It was unceremoniously left in a large pile of bones near the edge of the vulpix breeding grounds until, years later, the elements withered it away into dust. You are forgotten by the tribe as just another member lost to the foreboding wilderness. As for the vulpix, they remember you but only vaguely, in the same way someone would remember a good meal; fuzzy on the details but fond of the experience. You leave no legacy, but hey, at least you fed some cute vulpix kits a good meal for one evening!
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