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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 196 - Boxed In - By Megaladong - Overview
You decide to keep your eyes pointed forward. You trust your ability to outrun the vulpix and keep an eye out for obstacles ahead. “SHIT!” You scream. You find an obstacle just ten feet later. In your rushed state, you failed to notice that the clearing is not a clearing at all. You skid to a halt just inches from a cliff that drops over two hundred feet. A rock you kicked when skidding falls over the cliff and tings off the side of the rocky face. To your right is a roaring waterfall that cascades over the falls with extreme force. A rainbow manifests in its mist. Before you is the southern forest, a site most Central Tribe pikachu never see, only hear about. You look over the scenic view of near-endless green rolling hills. A flock of over a hundred unknown bird species of Pokemon miles away fly in graceful unison. At the edge of the horizon is a blue ocean with a small human town glinting in the sunlight, but it must be over thirty miles away. A rain-cooled wind brings a pleasant smell to your nose. The storm has dissipated, but dark puffy clouds of the remnants remain in the sky and stunning rays of light break through them.

The sight in its awesome beauty makes you forget for a second the circumstance that brought you here. You snap too. You can’t stay here or the vulpix will circle you. With the waterfall blocking your right option you take off running to the left. You take a few steps when a fourth vulpix, growling and crouching in a battle stance, jumps in your path. You were right; there was a fourth vulpix. His job must have been to contain you while his friends catch up. You can’t take him with no electricity and you pivot around to run the other way, but the others are behind now. One blocks your back path, another blocks the path you came from, and another has cut you off from the cliffside. They have completely circled you! You can’t give up yet, and instead, you get down in a battle stance. Without any Thundershocks it is just a bluff, but other than rolling over and letting them eat you, there isn’t much you can do.

The circle of vulpix begins to rotate from north to east and tightens around its now helpless prey. They growl, whine, and lick their chops. They know you’re out of electricity and options; they know dinner is served. They do nothing for now, either waiting for a signal from their leader to rip you to shreds or just enjoying looking at you. Now with time, you can get a good look at your execution crew.

The vulpix that contained you is a three-tailed male, a lot like Xander, but unlike Xander, has conviction and confidence in his eyes and is much bigger. One is a young female with three tails; her perfect red coat and beautiful brown eyes would tell anyone she is in the prime of her youth; a lot like you are. Another is a six-tailed tod. He is much older and has battle scars and silver strands of fur, but his age and scars have served him well, and only make him appear more attractive and powerful. The last of the four is a six-tailed vixen; she is a lot like the six-tailed reynard, but her age has not treated her well; she looks old and cynical; still, her eyes exude confidence. You are pretty sure you’ve seen these vulpix at the watering hole before but you've never been this close to them. They seem like giants as they circle you. Hope is fading fast.

“The pretty plump pikachu will make for good eating.” Says the older female in a smokey voice. She smacks her sopping wet jowls gently. A string of thick drool dangles from her mouth. “How best to do this? Maz?”

The older male says, “you hold the neck, Roxy. And we’ll eat the guts here and then divide the meat for our kits.”

“Oh, thank you so much,” the older female says sarcastically, “such a kind leader is Maz the Great. Letting little old me hold the neck while you feast on pika-belly.”

“I’ll do it, Roxy. But you’re the one that missed the first bite.” Says Maz.

“But I recall you missing the second, easier bite.” Says Roxy.

Great, they are arguing about how best to eat you. You feel degraded like you are nothing but meat to them. Which to be fair, is the case.

The younger female chimes in, “what if we take her back alive? Give our kits some experience on a live kill.”

“Hmmmm, good idea Zoya. Always important to teach kits how to sink teeth into live prey,” says Maz. “But I don’t want to drag a kicking and screaming pikachu five miles back to the breeding grounds.”

The young male joins the conversation, “maybe the pikachu would be kind enough to walk with us? You’re dead either way, pikachu. Might as well be fresh dinner for our kits. Their teeth are sharper than ours so it might hurt less.” You doubt it. Their teeth might be sharper but they are inexperienced so you can’t imagine they know how to eviscerate prey like these adults do.

“Then it’s up to her; we can do this now or later? What do you say pikachu?”

If you don't go with them, it will be certain death. Though, it is probably certain either way. But maybe an opportunity will present itself along the way to escape. Then again, if it doesn’t, a gruesome, humiliating fate will await you. It may be better to get it over with now in a dignified way, or at least as dignified as being eaten alive can be.

What do you tell them?
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