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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 197 - An Opportunity - By Megaladong - Overview
“I’ll go with you.” This is going to be embarrassing but fighting here is death, and while going with them is death as well, there is more hope that you will escape. Or so you hope. They don’t let their guard down yet.

“Very good, pikachu.” Says Maz. “Your death will not only feed our kits but teach them as well. I thank you for that. Now stick that pretty tail out.” You let out a defeated sigh and lower your tail parallel to the ground. “Dex, grab her.” The young male reaches out and sinks his teeth into your leathery tail.

“Ouch!” You yell but they don’t react; you might as well get used to teeth being in you. The vulpix relax their stance.

Maz comes up to you. “Look here, pikachu. You are food. You are no longer alive. You belong to us. Get that in your mind. We won you fair and square, and if this was normal circumstances, you’d be halfway down our gullets right now. So be a good little meat bag and don’t try any funny business. Try to escape, yell for help, or step out of line in any way, we’ll eat you on the spot. And we’ll make it extra painful compared to how we normally eat prey. Got it?”

You nod.

“Good. Alright,” he turns to the group, “we’ve got a lot of walking to do, so let’s get going.”

Maz turns around. His old sagging ball sack is just inches in front of your face. Great, this will be the view for most of your death march. Zoya and Roxy line up on either side of you and Dex remains behind you, holding your tail. They march off with their dinner in tow.

You spend the next hour being paraded through the forest, walking through a maze of small winding paths. You look for ways out of your predicament but none come. Maz stops suddenly. Your nose pokes his sweaty ball sack. “Blah…” you utter quietly.

Maz ignores you and turns around and talks to his kind. “Dex, we got shocked pretty good. I’m a bit stiff, and I’m sure our vixens are as well. There’s a cheri berry bush about a couple hundred yards off the path here. We are going to go eat some. You stay here and guard the meat. Don’t talk to her. She’ll try to trick you any way she can. Pikachu say we are the sneaky ones but pikachu are just as crafty. If things get out of hand, you have my permission to dispatch her. Better to eat her here than for her to get away. Got it?”

“Um-hu,” Dex grunts, with a clenched jaw. Dex drags you under a nearby tree. He quickly releases your tail and pounces on your shoulders, pinning you to the ground. Your face is pushed into the dirt. He sits on top of you with his underbelly making a thud on your ass. A sheathed prick rubs dangerously close to your cunt. With the weight of him on top, you're going nowhere.

Dex cracks his jaw and pops his neck. “I’m good. Go eat your berries. I’ll keep her right here.”

“Okay, Dex. We’ll be right back. Just remember don’t talk to her.” The three vulpix disappear quickly into the brush and tall grass, leaving you and Dex alone.

If there is any hope of not being turned into vulpix scat, the opportunity is now. You and Dex just sit quietly under the tree for a minute. You are trying to think of a way out from under him. Maybe you could try and get to know him. If you explain your hopes and dreams, he might let you go out of goodwill, or at least feel guilty enough to free you. Or maybe you can use your feminine charm to seduce him. He’s cute and if he's anything like Xander, you know he is probably attracted to you. Your body is destined to serve him but maybe you can offer it in a different way. Then during post-sex cuddles, you can slip away. Whatever the case, you need to try something or soon your ass won’t be resting under his belly but in it.
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