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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 2 - Introduction - By Megaladong - Overview
You are a wild young female pikachu named Lulu. You were born and raised in a large pikachu tribe in a relatively safe part of a forest. You have a dream that one day you will become a powerful raichu. To fulfill this dream, legend has it, you must travel to Thunder Mountain, climb to the top, and confront the god Zapdos in his roost, where he will judge if your soul is worthy of a Thunder Stone. If he does, he will reward you with the prize you seek and you will become one of the few wild pikachu to ever achieve such an honor. Your name will go down in legend as one of the greats of your kind.

However, the trip will be dangerous and you aren't quite sure you know the way. Many predators lurk out in the wild waiting for easy prey. Pikachu are considered to be one of the best tasting meals and when alone, easy targets. To make matters worse, you are in your second season's heat, the most powerful fertile heat. The heat starts in early spring and lasts until mid-fall or until you are successfully bred. It's late spring now and your heat will most likely last throughout your journey. Males of many species will find you extremely attractive during this time. You could use this to your advantage but be careful; if your lust builds up too much, you may not be able to control yourself and you might submit your eager pussy to a cock; or a cock might try and take your eager pussy by force. If you end up with a twat full of Field or Fairy Egg Group cum you will most certainly become pregnant. If you do, you'll have to return to the tribe, disgraced, to raise your child, ending your adventure.

Do you leave the relative safety of your tribe to try and become a raichu?
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