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Into the belly of the beast - Page 2 - She catches it and makes it to school without incident - By Swallow-Her - Overview
When Amanda got to school she met up with her friend Jackie, who was dressed pretty similar to her, and as she walked into the school gym, she saw most of the other girls were as well, but that didn't surprise her, she just wanted to get to dancing and having a good time. About 20 minutes went by and the dance was going as every other dance that year had; Flirting, Dancing with guys, Dancing with girls, and gossiping about other people at the dance.. It all seemed normal until they heard a screaming sound come from outside the gym door, and a girl named Taylor ran inside crying, screaming about how something had "taken her boyfriend into the vents and was going to kill him." Amanda laughed, knowing that it was probably some dumb prank her boyfriend and his jock buddies were playing for Halloween, and so Taylor and a teacher left, and the dance continued. About 10 minutes later, Jackie said she needed to go to the bathroom, and Amanda decided to join her... They were in the bathroom, fixing their hair and make-up, talking about guys, and the dance, when suddenly they heard a noise coming from the vents on the ceiling, Amanda looked up, wide eyed, remembering what Taylor had said, and..
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