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Krystal's Vorish Adventure! - Page 2 - A normal mission, gone bad. - By VorishFoxie - Overview
It has been a few years since the star fox team added krystal to its crew. Over this time, krystal had grown to love her new life, and cherished every day of it. Her love for fox grew as well.

However, things started to get odd when an old friend of Fox's had arrived. A girl named Fara pheonix. Krystal had tried to be friendly, but Fara was always negative toward her. jealous of krystal's love for fox. Fox seemed oblivious, but was still loyal to krystal.

The oddest thing was... Krystal couldn't read Fara's mind...

It was a routine mission, go and test out the latest tweaks slippy had made to the arwings. Fara had offered to help, and soon, falco, fox, fara, and krystal were flying in orbit above a strange planet krystal had never seen.

it was all going okay, until soomething terrible happened. Krystal's right wing exploded, and her ship careened into the planet's atmosphere. It Crashed and crystal was thrown from the cockpit, slamming on the ground and...
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