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My Little Pony vore interactive - Page 2 - One of the Mane Six - By 48th agent - Overview
Equestria is a land of wonder and whimsy, filled with magic and harmony... as well as hidden dangers that lurk just out of sight of the blissfully unaware. Ponyville residents know that their world can be dangerous; they live next to the Everfree Forest for pony's sake, home of some of the most deadly creatures around. Even so, they can feel safe and content in their town, knowing that hydras and chimeras and all of their ilk stay in the woods.

But are they really so safe, even in their own homes, surrounded by other ponies? Some may harbor strange ideas, with the power to put them into practice. Others can simply grow a little unhinged, shall we say. And even when nopony is acting the villain... accidents happen.

In this small, often not-so-quiet town, six ponies in particular have a habit of getting mixed up in strange and dangerous happenings. They're even the best of friends, and the only ones who could save the day if everything goes to Tartarus, as luck would have it.

Will they find themselves drowning in madness and driven to dark acts of violence and lust? Will they find a new experience that they crave, unable to live with or without it? Will they fall prey to betrayal, tragedy, or simple misfortune? Or will they somehow survive this tale, wiser, and just a little more scarred than before? Only time will tell.

Now, who's story should we follow?
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