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The Monster under the bed - Page 2 - A Werewolf like creature that can shapeshift into a human form, better for luring your prey. - By Redswolf - Overview
You are a werewolf, a shape-shifter who can willingly transform back and forth to a human., wolf, and mixed form at will. Unlike in those foolish movies made by that human place called Hollywood you are born with your form, biting your prey won't be creating another of your kind.

Male"Your human form is that of a very handsome young man who looks to be age 17 who loves gobbling up small children and feeling them squirm in your belly and to "mate" with the older female kiddies (16-18 only) and drag them back to your den to force them to carry and raise your young.

Female: You are in heat and desperately looking for a young boy (16-18 only) to mate with. Your plan is to lure him with your supermodel esq'ue body and than drag him off for a good fuck and feed (In which he fucks youm than you get to eat him,though if he;s good enough and satisf's you enough, you might just keep him as a sex slave, forcing him to give you litter after litter of pups!) You also just love children, espicially the way they scream as they squirm down your throat...

you are...
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