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My CV stadium branch - Page 2 - Weasel - By tastyWeasel - Overview
You're Fehago, a male weasel.

Brown fur with a creamy colored underbelly with a proportionally long torso and neck compared to your short limbs and lithe stature. Most definitely a weasel. You walk up to the booth stationed by the upright fox and ask for a blue pass. Eyeing you briefly, he hands you a form to fill. Physical details such as cock size, body height, CV Stadium is not liable for injury or death...blah-ba-blah the formal stuff. You reach up to the desk and hand the form back to him and he returns a blue pass to you and a set of directions to important locations of the stadium. As you leave the fox whispers to his co-worker "Cockfodder for sure."

You saunter off to the contestant lobby, the main intersection between the stadium and locker rooms. In that room, you see many of the other contestants - to your dismay. when you initially entered, you knew you were below average in size, but wow, everyone was much larger than you, most of the opponents cocks were at your eye level. to make things worse, you were at knee level and nearly cock sized to the largest of contestants! Seems like the stadium attracts the big boys. "Damn it, how am I supposed to put up with these guys!" You sneered to yourself. Between various life events and a few run ins with the wrong kinds of critters, you are in desperate need of money. The gladiatorial battles of the CV stadium are known to pay out well, save for it's steep price of defeat.

Feeling the pressure building -and not the good kind in your cock- you decide to:
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