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Feeling Flushed - Page 2 - Take a shower - By TheWatcher - Overview
Iris finally decides on taking a shower before heading in for the night. She stands from the couch and walks into her bathroom, the light in her living room automatically switching off. The bathroom lights flick on as soon as she sets foot on the tiled floor of her bathroom, pulling off her T-shirt and dropping it on the ground. Her panties swiftly follow.
Iris stands in front of the mirror above the sink, giving herself a quick once-over, adjusting her breasts with a bit of a frown. Shrugging, she steps over to the tub and turned on the water, leaning down to test the water with her hand. Deciding it needed another moment, Iris leans back up and waits, sighing softly.

The toilet catches her eye for some reason. Iris stares down at it, at that innocent-looking white porcelain bowl. That video she had seen on the news plays in her head again, her eyes locked upon the EnE logo of her own toilet. Nearly every appliance in her home was EnE brand. The EnE employees had come around the first week of her subscription to the Home Package and replaced everything. The whole process had only taken a couple of hours.

The Experts in Everything Corporation had come from seemingly nowhere and taken the nation by storm. They offered cheap, more functional alternatives to nearly every conceivable service, doing fast, in-house installations and with lifetime customer support. All of this was provided for a flat fee per month, varying depending on the package. Iris pays a little over a hundred dollars a month for everything, including internet, TV, even her cell phone.
Needless to say, EnE became very popular very fast. Within months they were one of the most popular service providers on the globe, their appliances and facilities in nearly every home and office in North America. Killian hadn’t been exaggerating when he described the performance of said appliances, either. EnE-brand appliances were almost supernaturally efficient. Their furnaces used very little electricity and heated a four-bedroom home flawlessly. Their fridges kept food fresh 20% longer than any other brand. Their toilets flushed full-sized people.

This thought jerks Iris back to reality and she realizes she still needs to shower. She feels foolish for spacing out like that, switching on the shower and stepping in. Slowly the room fills with steam as Iris goes about showering herself. Yet again her mind presents her with the image of the blonde twirling around and disappearing. She shakes her head vigorously, trying to clear her thoughts. It doesn’t work.

Once Iris is finished she steps out of the shower, snagging a towel from the rod on the side and beginning to dry herself off. As she wipes the water from her body her eyes force themselves back onto her toilet. The thought that she owns a toilet that could do something like what she saw on the news… it was insane. Iris leans over the bowl, looking straight down into it. The hole in the bottom is so small… the idea of a full-sized person traveling through that opening is… ludicrous. Iris is almost curious. Was the whole thing a hoax? There’s only one way to find out for sure.

‘Should I…?’ Iris thinks, staring down into the still water of the toilet.
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