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Black Widow - Page 2 - Look inside the vehicle - By MrCaliban - Overview
Frustrated, the mighty avenger approaches to the vehicle.-“Heavily chained. Elite guards. How could she get free and kill the guards?”.-Black Widow wonders, looking inside the back of it, illuminating it with a LED light.-“What the....”.-The atractive avenger mutters when her gloved hands touch a cold, viscous substance that covers the chains and the metallic floor of the vehicle. A thin, acid stink hit her nostrils when she finds the eroded security, heavy padlock.-“So, he did it in such a way...”.-The beauty super spy mutters, ignoring the acid properties of the substance, as far as the fabric of her bulletproof combat suit is almost indestructible and resilience to almost any substance on Earth....not as the poor guards uniforms.-“But where did she find this viscous substance? Viper is an exceptional fighter but she has no super powers at all?”.-The sculptural heroine asks to herself.-“This is interesting but it is not helping me!!!!”.-The skilled avenger protests to herself.

Suddenly, from outside the vehicle, a soft, plaintive moan can be heard by the frustrated super spy. Turning her face back, the athletic avenger can see as one of the dead guards has returned to life and he is trying to come into the vehicle, dribbling a viscous substance, looking at her with a lecherous look of hunger on his dead, blurred eyes. Outside, Black Widow can hear more of those plaintive, scaring moans...the other guards she thinks.
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