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A battle to the belly! - Page 2 - Battle of the bellies - By killerdeath4567 - Overview
"(( Once apon a time there had lived two brave knights. One of the knights name was Triste. She had served her kingdom for 15 years and has only done anything requested by the king only. She was stubborn with a sword, but incredible with a hammer for in her eyes strength is what makes a knight. The other knight was a younger girl name Seashima. She had been through so much throughout her life and had always been self taught in fighting skills. Her skills one day impressed a former trainer name lyrdia who then offered her to teach her better skills with a sword. Though Seashima did not know her that well she had come to train anyway. Soon with the years to come Seashima had become one of the best knights in her kingdom, even better than the elite guards who were all born fighting, but their skill was no match for Seashima. Now the two girls throughout their fighting had both come across a amazing skill which was vore. Their vore ability had allowed many things possible besides them always having a full belly at times. Now the real story begins as these two girls embark on their biggest and final battle as they cross paths after both trying to capture and gulp down a former traitor of both kingdoms, but that will be later)) Seashima had been traveling day and night looking for this female traitor who was also known to have her vore skill, though she began to eat innocent people out of her hunger. Seashima frowned at she put the letter back in her bag and headed to a remote town she would think to first look for her. "Damn honor less girl, she will now suffer the digestive juices of my iron gut"! Seashima would say as her belly began to grumble with joy on the sound of a meal. "Hehehe, hopefully she will add to my curves after all this". Seashima states at she felt her butt and blushed on the thought of it becoming a bit bigger. (( 2 hours later )) Seashima would soon arrvie at town, though it had looked a bit different. She would look at trees, houses, and even some people on the ground and notice how everything was either hurt, destroyed, or even wet due to other reasons she did not care too much about. " What had happen here"? "Where is the rest of the town"? She soon saw a person hiding in a corner and approached him. " Excuse me good sir, please do tell what has happen here"? Seashima ask noticing him shake in fear. "A..a battle took place, there....w-was a women who look like she was trying to eat another person". " I went to go help her....until another showed up and tried to capture and began to battle her". " There was madness....fear, and anger". The man began to freak out. "Please....we must get out of here"! Before he was able to run away. Seashima grabbed him and asked one last question. " Wait, you said another women"? The man nodded his head. " Looked like a bounty hunter or.." Seashima cuts him off "Knight"? " Yes, it was now we have to go, run"! The man yelled as he broke away from Seashima grip and soon ran away. " Hmmmm another knight eh, well looks like I will get even more than the joy of ending a traitors life, I might get a challenge". Seashima chuckled and soon saw a old house that had shook en a bit, so she walked over there with her blade at hand. I grabbed the young little girl and smiled as she began to gasp for air. " Whats wrong"? " Never saw a women with this much power"? Triste states as she began to flex her muscle and soon threw the girl across the other room. "Well my king has stated you had an affair with him and well I can not let you run around with another man's baby in your belly". " I am sorry but you must come to an end"! Triste says as she gets her club ready in her hand rising it over her head. " Any last words"? Triste asked until she heard a unfamiliar voice behind her. " Well then you might need to take that up with me" Triste turned around and saw a young girl, perhaps another knight. " So "pencil" aren't you suppose to look for some cows to milk or something". Seashima replies. " Well aren't you suppose to figure out if you still like women or men"? Triste soon frowns and drops the girl. " Listen here miss, I am Triste, A royal knight that is the strongest of my kingdom." Seashima smiles as she never took stregth as a good thing. " Well I am Seashima, the top of the tops of my kingdom" . " No man has been able to fight me without losing". Seashima said as she drew her sword. " Now enough arguing with you, please hand over my prisoner". Triste began to laugh and replies. " Well peincal neck, this is my dinner and she needs to be killed my me and you can not have h..." Triste soon turns around and the girl was gone. With anger she turns around and rushes in rage. " Look what you have done you dumb knight"! Triste says getting her club ready to attack. Seashima soon got her sword ready and knew a battle was going to come up. " If you challenge me, you will die"! Seashima smiles and licks her lips as she would have a huge meal to bring home. Triste soon charged at Seashima and slammed her club on the ground, causing Seashima to shake and fall down. " You are died and then will become my new lunch"! Triste says as she punches Seashima across the room. Seashima gets up and soon charges at her with the her sword and cuts the beast down from her hind legs. " Mmmm you do pact a punch, but have the smarts of a child"! Seashima says as she see's the giant fall to her knees. Triste screams in pain as she grabs her club again and somehow stood up again. " You will not kill me or eat me little snack"! Triste says as she ran towards Seashima and smashes her between a wall and her own body. She soon see's Seashima fall back down and looking hurt. " Hehehe, do not worry little one, my digestion only takes a few minutes". Triste states as she soon picks Seashima up and open her mouth. Seashima smiles as she soon kicks Triste mouth shut and barrel rolls to her sword and slice her wrist making her drop her club. " Well giant I shall say this, think before you open your mouth". Seashima says as she opens her mouth and lets Triste fall face first in her mouth and soon she began to gulp her down. Triste soon started to struggle and tried to pull away, but her wrists did not work and she could not feel them at all. " Wait, how are you doing this"?! " Let me out twig"! Triste yells as Seashima kept pulling her down and quickly shoving her down into her belly. Seashima soon felt her struggle and kick and soon she knew if she gulped her down it would be game over for Triste. " Mmmm shhhh, dumb giant you will soon make amazing fat to my ass". Seashima stats as she soon takes one last gulp and send Triste into her gurgling gullet. Triste began to struggle and made some faceprints on Seashima belly wall. " Damn it, how could a twig like you gulp someone like me"!?! Seashima yells as she kept moving around and kicking. Seashima smiles and before she went to go say something, she lets out a huge burp. "BBUUURRPPPP"! " Oh my, sounds like you are at home huh"? " Well you were very-BURP- dumb and very tasty"! Seashima says as she rubbed her gut as her prey struggle for help. Triste kept kicking and struggling until she began to feel her acids to burn her skin. " Ahhh please someone help me"! Seashima giggles before letting out a huge fart from all the gas that is building up. "Phhhhfftt"! " Oh relax you are fine, just enjoy your new home sweetie"! Seashima says as she begins to fall into a deep sleep. (( 2 hours later)) Seashima wakes up and feels her belly smaller and her butt having a ton of pressure. She quickly ran to a barrel and did her own things. " Wow you do not smell the same sweetie"! " PPHHFFFTT". Seashima giggles and let out some gas as she began to go look for that traitor from earlier. "
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