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Pzu's Universe - Page 2 - A foxgirl - By pzu - Overview

You swish your tail about, your arms full with a bushel of twigs that would serve for the kindling of a fire in the evening. You watched your black-haired elder sister heave another log into her arms, carrying three at a time. In addition to her good-looks, she was a hardy girl, and earned the praise of much of the tribe- in contrast to you.

You kicked a pebble into the stream nearby, watching as it got carried away by the current. A few fish swam after the rock, thinking it was an unlucky insect, but swam away disappointed as they found it inedible.

"Oi! Ruya!" your sister shouts. "Hurry up or I'm heading back without you!"

You turn around, seeing your sister with her hands on her hips. She was always a stickler for the curfew, and you were used to her chewing you out for your routine transgressions on the tribe's rules. You head back with your sister, you arms starting to feel tired after carrying so many twigs.

Later, you are sitting by the fire, your sister turned towards the window, reading a book. You know she is always far too engrossed in her stories to notice you getting away with anything. What do you do?
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