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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 20 - Rebecca! - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
.Your eyes quickly focused on a particular green-haired archer who reckoned she was a pretty good shot, Rebecca! She was putting her arrows away, signalling she was just about done with presumably her little daily recalibration session. She turned around as she put the last arrow back in her quiver before noticing you.

“Hey Rebecca!” You greeted the kind huntress with a smile.

“Oh, heya Summoner! Came to see me, did ya?”

Well, technically that was true, she just happened to be the first who caught your eye!

“Heh, just doing the usual, checking up on as many as I can until I find something interesting to do.”



Urrf…” She groaned, her eyes squinting a little in presumed pain as she laid a hand over her flat middle. “S-Sorry, I admittedly haven't eaten at all yet.”

Huh… you certainly couldn't have expected to walk into this particular kind of situation so soon.

*Hmmm…* You wondered, would she be up for trying something… exotic~? The only way to know was to ask her… or maybe you should insinuate it first.

“Hey, no need to apologise!” You quelled her unneeded worry first & foremost. “Say though since you're hungry & I’m not busy, would you be up for… you know~” You repeatedly darted your eyes from her emerald eyes to her midriff, attempting to make the insinuation as clear as possible without actually saying it.

...O-Oh… It didn't take her long at all to catch on… & she seemed interested from her eyebrow raise. “You’d… offer yourself as breakfast for me?”

“Mhm!” Dear, you almost sounded too eager, you noticed her cheeks turning a light shade of red! “I can throw in some extras too if you’d like~”


Ah, maybe she didn't really know what you meant by ‘extras’... well she’ll learn soon enough~

“You’ll know soon enough if you accept my little offer! Could you really deny such a large feast standing right in front of you, the best huntress in your home village~?” You were almost tempted to throw in a sly wink at the end but you didn't, instead keeping your rather tempting gaze on her, complete with a sly smirk.

Does she accept your no doubt irresistible offer?
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