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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 20 - Goomba Gangbang (GAME OVER) - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
From his throne and her cage, Bowser and Pauline watched as the princesses were devoured by Goombas. They stared at the projector screen, absolutely stunned. Had the three guardians of the Mushroom Universe really been defeated by such lowly creatures? Could it be?

"BWAHAHAAAA!!!" Bowser burst out in booming belly laughter. "What a bunch of princess pansies! Beaten by- beaten by-" He was having trouble talking, his need to laugh was so strong. "Beaten and eaten by goombas! BWAHAHAHAAAAA!!!" Bowser fell down on his shell, kicking and rolling around on the floor in an unstoppable fit of laughter. "Oh, oh man, my stomach hurts! This is hilarious!" Bowser roared, wiping away a tear from his eyes as tears began to fall from Pauline's.

"No..." Pauline gasped, tears rolling down her cheeks and sniffling. How could this happen? She knew her friends were stronger... smarter than that. It had to be a mistake. And yet, she knew what she saw. How could Bowser find humor in such a thing? Sniffling, she began to sob lightly, grieving the loss of her loved ones from the inside of a metal cage.

"Haha, don't cry Paulina. Those girls obviously weren't worth much, anyways. Besides, I have some new friends for you. Triple the friends you had before!"

With that, Kammy Koopa flew into the throne room, summoned the goombas who had eaten the princesses and then made her exit, cackling with glee. The goombas eyed Pauline up and down, checking out their reward for the first time in-person.

"Here you go, goomba boys! Have fun!" Bowser said, removing Pauline from her cage and tying up her arms with a rope before throwing her to the floor. Pauline whimpered with fear, spreading her legs in order to try and stabilize herself to get up. Bad move. A horny goomba rushed over, his meat mushroom aroused by the brunette, and leapt at the naked woman's crotch. His goomba cock found its way in between her legs and pushed deep into her snatch. Pauline gasped in pain, then began to cry harder.

"Please, please stop! Please-" Pauline begged before having her mouth plugged by another goomba's erect penis. A third goomba slid his dick into her asshole, making his reward squeal.

"Mmmph, mmph!" Pauline tried to plead with her mouth full of goomba manhood.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch! You're ours, now!" The goomba demanded, thrusting deeper into Pauline's mouth and making her gag on his dick.

"Aw, yeah! Aw, yeah!" The goomba in her ass moaned, his cock twitching.

"I'm gonna blow boys!" The goomba in Pauline's pussy announced. The others nodded in agreement, and all at once, they came. Pauline choked on goomba semen, then felt it shooting into her other holes right after. It was disgusting, and she spit it out before falling flat on the floor.

Just as Paulina began to relax, a second trio of goombas approached her and did the same thing. Then a third. Pauline wasn't sure how much more she could take before she went over the edge. Exhausted and filled with shroom sperm, she was sure she had earned a rest when all nine goombas had been pleasured to completion. Unfortunately for her, they had one more nasty surprise left for her before she got a break.

The goombas all approached at once, newly hardened. Two stuffed themselves in Pauline's anus, while a third and fourth went for her vagina and mouth. A fifth and sixth stuck their cocks in Pauline's palms and motioned for her to jerk them off- she complied out of fear. Goomba number seven stuck himself between Pauline's supple breasts, and numbers eight and nine slapped their mushroom members onto Pauline's smooth soles. Since they had all already blown their loads once, they all lasted longer than before. After ten minutes of intense fucking, though, they were all on edge.

"Let's make this skank into cream of mushroom soup, boys!" A goomba shouted. He then groaned and erupted deep into Pauline's throat, choking her with his length and making her eyes water. The two in her ass lost their loads shortly after. All at once, Pauline felt her soles and her face get blasted by five goombas from various positions around her. Finally, the leader came deep inside of her pussy, making her scream as she squirted all over his cock.

"Ah, oh yeah, unf..." The goomba groaned, squeezing every last drop of his cum into Pauline. She was a seed-covered mess, and her light blue eyes were bloodshot.


"Let's take a break, boys. Say... 15 minutes, yeah?"

The other goombas agreed, and left Pauline to stew in their jizz. Bowser chuckled to himself and also walked out of the throne room. Pauline was alone, and only then did it dawn on her just how much she had enjoyed being filled and covered with goomba cum. She didn't even miss her friends anymore. She couldn't wait for the goombas' break to end.

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