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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 207 - Between the Thighs - By Megaladong - Overview
No… you better not run. Your adventure ended when the vulpix surrounded you. You're lucky to be alive. No sense in giving another predator a chance to finish what the vulpix should have. Plus, you'd hate to break your father's heart after he lost his grandson just this morning.

You sigh and keep moving back home. After a thirty-minute walk back, you come to a line of trees that smell of pikachu piss and have scratches of claw marks in the bases; the edge of pikachu territory; you’re home. Dale stops and says to a tall slender buck, “Simon, run ahead and tell the tribe we're almost home and to get ready for the ceremony."

Simon nods and dashes off at lightning speed. You spend the next fifteen minutes walking back into the heart of pikachu territory - a large clearing nestled between tall trees. In the center of the clearing is all the tribe’s members, including your entire family, huddled in a mass. They all turn to look at you, and quiet murmuring breaks out, and you lower your ears.

The other bucks rush off to join the crowd. Your father pauses and gives you a hug. He lets go of you and says, "I'm so happy you're staying." He looks at you with a smile, but when he sees your pitiful face, his smile fades and he reassures you, "Don't worry, Lulu… it will all work out, promise." He dashes off to join your mother in the crowd.

The crowd parts, revealing a direct line to the Center Trunk - the base of a large, long-dead tree, where all announcements and judgments are made, and also where you go to claim mates. Already sitting on the stump is Flik. He looks nervous and uncomfortable; this is just as much a forced mating for him as it is for you.

Everyone is so solemn and quiet; this isn’t how it is meant to be; a declaration of mate is supposed to be a joyous event with much cheering and fanfare, but there is no cheering, only mumbling. You take a deep breath and step forward; might as well get this over with.

You walk down the path in shame, ears low and tail as well. Whispers follow in front of you like a precession of shame. You walk up to the stump, jump up, and sit next to Flik without even making eye contact. You are considered small for a female, but Flick is only an inch taller than you and thinner.

Boc sits next to the trunk. He grits the words through his teeth and under his breath, "Say it, Flik…"

Flik gulps and says with all the confidence of a caterpie, "I-I… uh… d-declare L-Lulu as a mate."

You sigh and say back quietly and quickly, "and I declare Flik as a mate."

The Elder, already being there, steps forward. The Elder is a trusted older male pikachu that presides over judgments and couplings. The elder smiles and says in an old, deep voice, "I am glad to hear that. My grandson will finally be mated. Let's not waste any more time… Flik, have you secured a safe place for your young and your mate?"

"Uhh… y-yeah… I guess..." Flik says, leaving off the rest of the traditional words.

Boc groans and with gritted teeth again says, "say the other words… dumbass."

"Oh… yeah…" Flik laughs nervously. "Ummm… I-I dug a b-burrow under a... good? … uh… tree for her and the p-pichu."

The crowd is dead silent; the cringe is palpable.

The words were not exactly traditional, but the Elder seems not to care, "Good, and will you pledge to be loyal to Lulu, to protect and serve her, and the tribe, even with your life?"

"Sure..." says Flik. Boc clears his throat, and Flik quickly tries to correct his mistake, "uh, I mean… Yes! I-I will."

"And you Lulu," the elder looks at you. "Will you pledge to be loyal to Flik and be obedient to him, to serve him, and the tribe, and raise his young?"

"I will," you say with no emotion.

"Then you have my blessing," the elder smiles then turns to the crowd, "let it be known that Flik and Lulu are considered mates in the Central Tribe. Any male who mates with Lulu, other than Flik, has transgressed against the whole tribe and is punishable by exile. It is so."

"It is so," the tribe chants back.

The elder turns around and looks at you two, "you may now kiss as mates."

You turn to Flik and give him a quick peck on the mouth. He doesn’t really kiss you back and seems to not notice it at all. Normally, the crowd explodes with cheers at the moment of kissing but only a smattering of applause and a few half-hearted hollers come from the tribe.

This was horrible. You begin to think maybe the vulpix would have done you a favor if they just ripped your guts out; at least being eaten alive would be quicker. But it is only the beginning of the night. Now comes the consummation feast, and you can only imagine how miserable and embarrassing that will be.

The Elder speaks, “I think given the circumstances of the earlier events of the day, it would seem unfitting to have a celebration tonight. But we can have it still if you want.”

“Uhhhh…” says Flick.

“NO!” You butt in a bit too loudly. You calm down and continue, “I-I mean, we don’t have to have the feast. That is okay with me.” You would want nothing more in the world.

Flik comes in to save the day, “yes, we don’t need a feast. It will be fine.”

“Very well,” says the Elder. He turns to the crowd, “then there will be no feast; you may disperse.“

Finally, some small grace from this horrible day. The crowd disperses and you and Flik hop off the stump. He says, "I guess we go back to my place?" You shrug, he walks off, and you follow. As you pass by others, they whisper but do not say anything to you directly.

You exit the clearing back into the forest, heading off to Flik’s borrow. On your way, you walk by a large tree in which two young males are guarding the entrance to an abandoned burrow; you assume that is where they are keeping Xander. One of the bucks is Norb. When he sees you, he jumps up and shouts in surprise, "Lulu! Uh… fancy seeing you here…" he smiles awkwardly and rubs the back of his neck. You could rat him out, telling the tribe he tried to rape you; he wouldn't get punished since, when you left, you were not a part of the tribe, but it could soil his good name.

But you won't tell on him. He did it trying to save you from something like this. The only grudge you can hold against him is that he failed. Besides, being raped by him doesn't seem so bad now. Flik is essentially raping you soon anyway; the only difference is that Flik doesn't want to do it. And, a dark quiet part of, a part you pretend isn't there, you imagine you would have, in some primal way, enjoyed Norb's forced mating while Flik’s, you predict, will just be a pathetic experience. So instead, you just ignore Norb, not even making eye contact, and keep walking.

After a little more travel, you end up outside Flik’s borrow. He enters and so do you. The inside is nice enough; it is large and well kept, though it is not near large enough to house a whole family and will need plenty of work to get it ready for your egg. He turns around to you and asks, "you like? I mean, I didn't expect to be mated today, or ever." He laughs awkwardly but his laugh fades when he looks at you. "You know, I didn't want this either, Lulu. My dad threatened to exile me if I didn't. But, hey, we can make things work out. I promise to be the best dad in the tribe." He lets loose the biggest grin. You can't help but smile back; maybe this won't be the worst thing in the world.

He continues," uh… I guess this is where we… ya know… do the thing… haha."

You respond, "Yeah… might as well get it over with." You turn around and present your pussy for fucking for the first time in your life. You imagined this moment would be special, full of heat, lust, and romance, but there is nothing but a surgical feel to this moment, like he is a sage, checking on your health.

He gulps, "y-yeah… might as well… ha ha…" He timidly makes his way toward your haunches. He mounts you by locking his arms around the crook of your hips. You clench your eyes in anticipation…

*plap-pap-sap-pap* your bodies ring out in his den as his thighs clap off your ass. But nothing penetrates you and only a sheathed, soft prick mashes against your cunt. You keep your eyes closed waiting for the moment he gets hard enough to enter. But over a minute of dry humping later and nothing inside you, you turn around to look at Flik. His face is clenched tight and his eyes closed as though he were trying to imagine something else. He has made very little progress with only a tiny red tip now poking from his sheath.

"Uh-Flik…" you say but he just keeps pounding away. "Flik. Flik!" He stops suddenly. You tell him, "Maybe we can try something else? You know, to get you going first?"

"Uh, yeah… what did you have in mind?"

"Here…" you shrug him off. You spend the next twenty minutes trying everything; jerking him, oral, and even, by his suggestion, sticking your finger in his ass, but nothing gets him more than half out of his sheath. Frustrated and tired, you both just sit there panting, neither of you horny at all. You feel nothing but contempt for Flik now. What’s the point of being mated if he doesn’t even find you attractive? It makes you feel ugly.

You are about to say something when the sound of someone entering the burrow stops you. Boc comes down the hole and not seeing a drop of cum anywhere, sighs with discontent. “What the fuck is wrong with you, Flik? You know most bucks would kill just to mount her.”

Flik closes his eyes in shame. “S-sorry Dad. I’ve just… I’ve just never liked doe like that. I don’t know why. I would if I could… but…”

It is quiet for a second then Boc exhales and says, “I thought this might happen. But I will have my grandson no matter what it takes...” He turns his head up the burrow’s entrance and whispers, “Simon, get down here.” Simon, the tall sender buck Dale told to run ahead, joins the growing group in the den. He proudly wears a shit-eating grin on his face.

Simon is an older, mated buck who is considered one of the higher-ranking members of the tribe. He has a family with many pichu and is well respected. Even so, there have been rumors that Simon has no problem having… relations… with members of the same sex, so long as he is doing the penetrating. And, it is said, Flik is one of Simon’s favorite mounts. Those are just rumors though, but it looks like you are about to find out if they are true.

Flik squeaks “S-Simon! W-what are you doing here!”

Simon grins, “heard you were having trouble. I owed your father a favor, so I thought I’d lend a paw.”

Boc cuts in, “spare me the talk. Please... just… do what you have to.”

“You got it, boss.” Simon moves toward Flik and Boc rushes out of the den. “Come on, pretty boy. You know the drill.”

“S-Simon… I-I don’t know if I’m feeling it tonight.”

“Shut up, cock slut. You’ve never turned me down before.” Simon forcefully pins Flik against the wall and brings his mouth to Flik’s.

Flik stammers, “I-I…” but Simon leans in for a kiss. Instantly, they start making out like passionate lovers. They reach down and start stroking each other's cocks until they are rock hard. You just watch with a hint of disgust but also of intrigue. The sight of dicks excites your heat a little.

After a couple minutes of smacking lips, Simon throws Flik off the wall and onto the floor. “Alright,” says Simon as he hawks a loogie. “Pony up, Lulu.”

You obey and spin around to present your pussy once again, although you feel a bit of lust this time. Is Simon going to fuck you? It sounds better than Flik… “Oh, now that’s a sight,” says Simon, swaggering closer. “Lulu’s tail high and her pussy in the air.” With one hand he grabs your ass hard and the other clasps your cunt. He begins rubbing and kneading your ass and muff roughly. You gasp and moan as he plays with you for a good minute.

Simon whispers in your ear, “such a lovely body. Shame it’s being wasted on a faggot. You should be plowed and seeded by a strong buck. How about it, Lulu? You want Flik’s cum in you or a real buck’s?” He’s trying to get you to cheat on Flick already. You would rather have his cum, but you deny him the satisfaction of the truth by keeping your mouth shut. “Come on, Lulu. Mine or his?” He leans forward, pushing all his weight on your muff, increasing the pleasure.

You melt into his paws; your legs shake and you groan; you are about to cum. You hold back but the longer he goes, the less control you have over your thoughts, and the words slip out of your mouth suddenly, “y-yours.”

“What was that?” He asks as he squeezes harder.

“Yours!” You plead; your legs quiver and knees buckle; it would now only take one more squeeze to send you over the edge.

But Simon stops all at once, removing his grubby paws from you, bringing with it streams of sticky pussy juices, leaving you flustered and on the verge of climax. He chuckles and says, “you’re mated to a whore, Flik. Did you know that? Don’t feel too bad, we all are to some degree. A doe will tell you you’re hers but cheat on you the second she thinks she can score better seed. Not that you care. Sorry, Lulu. I would love nothing more to fulfill your wishes, but I’m a buck of my word. Hop on, Flik.” He tugs your tail up. "She's all warmed up for you."

Flik picks himself off the floor, his dick still hard. He rubs his arm and looks timid. "I-I don't know, Simon. We tried earlier…"

"But I wasn't here. Have I ever let you down?"

"N-no… but…"

"Mount her then."

Flik sighs and mounts you once again. Simon guides his dick into your pussy, making it the first time his dick has successfully entered. Flik tries to tell him, "Simon, I'm just going to go soft onc… o-oh… Piiiiiiiii!" He moans in bliss. You look back to see Simon has mounted Flik in the same way Flik has you and is currently pounding away at his ass. Flik’s eyes roll in the back of his head, his tongue hangs out, and he blushes. And Simon has a devious smirk.

They seem to enjoy it, but you aren't receiving the same favor. While Flik’s dick is going back and forth with each of Simon's thrusts and feels nice, the overall humiliation and degradation of the situation turns you off.

They fuck for the next three minutes while you just take it quietly with ears low. Finally, Simon picks up the speed to a blistering pace. He grunts through his teeth, "Come on, pussy boy. Cum…"

"Pi… PI...PIII-KAAAAA!!!" Flik yells as a stream of cum shoots from the tip of his cock and deep in your unmoving snatch.

"Chaaaaaaa…" Simon moans as he does the same to Flik’s asshole.

You say nothing, only grunt quietly not out of pleasure but more out of the physical strain of the two bucks pressing into you. What a miserable experience. Despite the creampie your cunt has been aching for since the beginning of spring, your heat is still on, like an itch you can't scratch.

They pump their respective hole full and roll off. The burrow smells of cum and seed oozes from your cunt. Flik's cock glistens with your and his fluids and his tail hole has a thick, creamy creampie to match yours. Simon's inner thighs and cock are coated in his seed. They lay there, panting hard, recovering for a few minutes. Flik gets up and licks Simon clean of cum. And soon after, Boc comes down back into the burrow.

When he sees the mess, he sighs and holds the bridge of his snout. "You can go, Simon. Don't speak of this to anyone, and you can still practice your degenerate actions. Just keep it out of sight."

"Sure thing, boss." Simon exits the den with the same shit-eating grin he entered it with.

The den is quiet for a second and then Boc continues, "I can't believe you're my son." Flik lowers his ears in shame. Boc walks over to you and looks at you with sad eyes. "Look, you didn't even please your doe." Boc brushes your cheek with the back of his paw. "Come here, Lulu. A doe's first time should be memorable."

He reaches back and begins stroking your cum-soaked cunt. Boc is clearly experienced pleasing a twat for he knows all the buttons to push and when. As he plays with you for a good two minutes, every flick, squeeze, prod, and rub makes you moan like a bitch and legs quiver uncontrollably. Your pussy is like putty in the paws of the seasoned pikachu, and you can not help but submit the happy twat to Boc's musings. Finally, the pleasure your body needs. He is bringing you to the point of climax. And soon...

"PIIIIII," you moan in ecstasy, collapsing to the floor, legs shaking uncontrollably as all at once, your body gives in to the orgasm. Boc toys with you as your body releases a powerful piss, cum, and pussy juice-filled stream from your cunt, launching a good two feet back and at long last, scratching that seemingly unquenchable itch.

The room fills with the smell of your heat and Boc takes a big whiff. "Oh that smells good," but otherwise, he does nothing else. Once finished, he removes his paw from your cunt, looks at his cum covered paw with disgust, shakes off a glob, and wipes the rest nonchalantly on your back. "Listen here, son. Do this every year when she goes into heat, but keep this a secret. You too, Lulu. You are my daughter by mate now, and my family's success is yours too. If word got out about this, it would soil our family name. I'm trying for elder and with you now mated, I believe it will be mine unless you fuck it up. Personally, I don't care much if I'm elder but you should; Families closer to the inner circle have less pichu death and better odds for them to land mates. So don't do it for me or even you, but do it for your pichu, understand?" You and Flik nod.

"Good…" Boc turns around to exit, but once he gets to the port, he stops. "Oh… and Lulu?" He turns around and looks at you with a smirk. "I've been around for long enough to know how doe are. A doe will say she wants kisses and flowers and to be told she is beautiful and one of a kind. But that's just a facade, so she can keep up a self-deluded idea of herself as more than just a common whore. But that's not what a doe really wants. No, what a doe really wants … really needs... Is to be fucked… I'm not talking about romantic, sensual, or even rough… I mean FUCKED." He emphasizes his point by pounding a fist into his paw forcefully. "Fucked so hard she doesn't know which way is up; fucked so hard her eyes roll in the back of her head and tongue hangs out; fucked so hard it's border-line rape; fucked so hard her will yields to the buck giving her the fuck, so that she becomes nothing but an extension of the buck's body in that moment, an extension that is only meant to squeeze his cock and catch his seed. Then, and only then, will she find true satisfaction, true meaning, by the same way we all do, finding our place in this world the gods made. And for her… for you, Lulu… that place is between the thighs of a strong buck.

"That is what a doe needs. The flowers and kisses and even the occasional romantic sex are just bandages for her ego between hard fuckings. But I've gone on long enough. My point is, I doubt my son here can give you the fucking you need, you deserve. When a doe doesn't get fucked right or regularly, she seeks it from others. And loose lips, both mouth and pussy, can destroy families. You still want to be the matriarch of the tribe?" It is the only thing you can still aspire to so you nod your head yes. "Then keep that pussy in the family, and if I become elder and if you stay loyal, I can pull some strings."

"So when you need a good fuck, instead of fucking around, come to me; I can provide you that, believe me. Don't worry, you won't have to say a word; I can tell when a doe needs it just by the look in her eyes… hah… the same look you are giving me now. But let that mess between your legs stew for a few days first, then I can give that fuck as much as you want. And I'll even give you kisses and back rubs afterward if you feel you need them. Just stay loyal in between, and it will be our little secret, okay?"

You visibly shiver at his offer. You'd hate to admit it, but he's right; you do want to be fucked like he described, right this moment in fact. You were thinking about sneaking off later tonight and finding Norb, but now you are looking forward to a romp with Boc. You nod to Boc and he says, "Good doe." Then promptly turns and exits the den. As he leaves, you take a look at his old, but stately, sagging ball sack, longing for the moment it unloads into you.


You remain Flik’s mate for the rest of your life.

The next morning, Xander and Tavein are brutally executed then decapitated. Their heads are hung from the Crooked Tree as a warning to all vulpix to respect the treaty. While your mating to Flik appeases the tribe, preventing a full-blown war, a cold war breaks out between the pikachu and vulpix. Fights break out at the watering hole and sometimes result in death. Due to the increased tensions, vulpix population dips, and prey numbers rise as a result. Larger predators begin to move in to hunt the excess of prey and in so, life for the tribe becomes more dangerous, especially for pichu. More pichu die in their youth and the population growth of the tribe stagnates.

As for your sex life, Boc keeps his promise more than you would have thought. He fucks you so hard that he satisfies all your needs, making up for what his son lacks. In a way, Boc becomes your defacto mate, and Flik just the inseminator. Boc’s mate catches wind of this somehow but never says anything to you directly, only glares at you with dagger eyes.

But because of your loyalty, the broader tribe suspects nothing, and next winter after the Elder dies, Boc is chosen to be the new elder and in doing so, grants your family special privileges. Your pichu are well protected and respected; Though your firstborn son was a lot like his father in his affinity for the same sex. Boc remains Elder for four years until he dies of old age. You were heartbroken. But he did leave you a will. For your needy cunt, he passed the duty of fucking you to his youngest son, of your same age, who was a lot like Boc and could give as good as his father. And for your loyalty, he used some of his political power to grant you the role of being the tribe's matriarch before passing.

The matriarch's job is to protect the tribe's young from predators and you do so well even though times are dark. But something eats you up as you watch the pichu play at the watering hole. The events of that fateful day Jet disappeared just didn't add up in your head. You ask around and inspect the area but never find any solid evidence, and every time you thought you'd make a breakthrough, some horrible event, usually, a pichu dying, interrupted your progress or led you down a dead end. But you could never shake the feeling of being watched at the watering hole. Like something was lurking in the shadows, waiting for your attention to be misplaced and for a pichu to wander off and be scooped up by the hungry predator to never be heard of again. You would die with this mystery unsolved.

You have seven pups with Flik. Five pups survive to adulthood. The other pichu were eaten by predators and even one, disappeared in the same manner Jet did. But considering the other females' young, who often had half or more of their pichu eaten, you did well for yourself. Surely a benefit of being a member of a high-ranking family.

As for Flik outside of sex, you do grow to love him, just not in a romantic way but as a good friend; he is a good father, and he is kind to you and even sometimes pretends to be attracted to you - giving you kisses and flowers, helping repair your ego in between the times Boc or his other son yanked you by the tail, dragged you behind a tree, and fucked you so hard you didn't walk straight for the rest of the day. Flik ends up dying a couple years before you and you mourn his passing but more like a passing of a good friend than a lover.

After spending the latter part of your years as the matriarch, you die of old age as well. You are mourned by the tribe, except for a few females who blame you for their pichu deaths. Your surviving children did mourn you as a beloved mother. Your life was decent. But in the end, was it all worth it?

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