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In the beginning there was Vore - Page 21 - Finish in her mouth - By Funnymain - Overview
Your panting becomes eradict, you uncontrollably buck your hips up into her mouth, shoving your cock deeper and deeper into her moist little mouth. surprisingly her throat opens longer to accomodate you and tightens around your throbbing cock.

Its to much, game over man game over, you feel electricity dart through your body as your balls constrict sending hot gobs of cum into the sweet Nagas mouth, with all her teasing and the panic you have stored alot of cum up inside.

The Naga, suprised by your climax pulls the cock out of her throat and ropes of cum start to shoot up into her mouth and across her cheek. relizing this you grab the back of her head and shove it back down onto your spuing cock. She doesent struggle just begins to reopen her throat letting you emoty deep inside of her.

Just as the last drops of cum escap your cock you let your head go and fall limp on the ground. Too your surprise she doent stop. Just like a well trained girl she keeps slowly bobbing up and down on the tip of your dick, extracting anything that is left for her hungry throat to swallow.


she pulls off of your penis and smiles giving you a little giggle while stroking your relaxing cock. She lifts herself off your body and slithers to your feet. her coils begin to move under you, kinda forming like a bed.

she grabs your feet and holds them together. she gives you that devilish look and licks the cum off her check, smacking her lips...satisfied with the taste.

looks like she is getting ready to take her end of the deal
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