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[MLP] Dodge Junction's Manure Problems - Page 21 - "O-Okay!! I'm sorry! I apologize, I didn't mean to get you guys all pissed off geez!" - By ThatSickFuck - Overview
The mare replied first.
"We'll make you sorry alright, see here at Cherry Hill Ranch we love to pop cherries~ Did you pop your cherry yet sweetheart~?"
As she said that, she put her hoof under your chin and lifted it up so you could look at her, you were about to remind her of your male sexual organs when you felt the stallion's cock align against your tail hole, it's then that you understood she meant ..that.. cherry.
"Please.. no.. You tried to plead, but it was to no avail, the mare then pinned your head to the floor again and the stallion pushed hard. You tried to clench but it was never going to be enough, his tip popped inside and all you could do is clench your teeth as you felt his throbbing shaft slide deeper inside you, your suffering was without a doubt being thoroughly enjoyed by not only the moaning stallion on top of you, but also your captives, the mare and the two other stallions who watched.

He then started thrusting, slowly at first, but as your sensitive rear started bleeding, it allowed him to thrust faster, your own body betraying you twice already.
The sound of his hips slapping against your buttcheeks only got louder as he breathed louder on your neck, you thought at first that you could clench your teeth and wait until he was finished, but the mare pinning your head down then sat in front of you, and moved your head so that your nose was stuffed in her moist, drooling marehood, preventing you from breathing. She didn't even have to tell you anything, your mere choking and the thrusting of the stallion ramming your rear and rocking your body back and forth was enough to stimulate her.

After long and painful minutes for you, both finally climaxed, he rammed himself as deep as he could in your destroyed rear, and that in turn pushed your muzzle deep inside her and made her climax as well, and after they calmed down, they finally pulled out, leaving you to choke and pant desperately for air, but unfortunately this wasn't over for you, as the stallion on top of you held you down with a hoof on your back, waiting for the others to get into position.
The brown stallion moved in front of you while the orange one moved behind, and all you could see was a thick hard cock in front of you. By now you've caught back your breaths, and you're only held down by a hoof, this might be your last chance!
I'd start sucking if I were you, then again, I'm not as dumb as you are.. heheh~ cooed the mare in the back.
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