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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 212 - Into the Dark Forest - By Megaladong - Overview
You aren’t going to be Flik’s mate, and you aren’t giving up on the hope of finding a Thunder Stone, and if you are being realistic, the only hope of shaking Lady and the tribe from your tail is through the dark forest; it will be dangerous but it is the only way. You take a moment to double-check to see if no chu is watching; none are paying attention to you. You take a deep breath then bolt off to your right, running as fast as you can…

From behind, Dale shouts, “What!? That bitch is running! AFTER HER!!!” The sounds of stampeding, pattering paws give chase. You don’t let up and keep running through the thick undergrowth. You are fast, probably one of the fastest in the tribe, but these are all the most powerful chus giving chase right now. You’ll have to be flawless in your escape. You dash through the forest passing by in a blur of greens and browns, expertly weaving your way through fallen branches and trees. The paws of your pursuers fade with each passing step… except for one pair. You glance over your shoulder to see Simon, a tall, slender, yet powerful pikachu renowned for his speed, still keeping pace with you. Fuck, he’s fast! But his slightly larger body prevents him from weaving his way through the growth as fast as you, and with each step, you put a little more distance between him and you.

You keep dodging through the growth, putting about thirty yards between you and Simon. You run for another minute when a tangle of roots snags your front paws. You tumble head over heel to a stop. Shit! Without time to build up speed before Simon catches you, your only option is to hide. You quickly hide behind the base of a big tree just five feet away, back pressed hard against the rough bark. You hold your heavy panting breath the best you can.

Simon, only a little behind, catches up in a few seconds. He must not have seen where you hid for he stops where you took your spill, sniffing the ground where you tripped. Simon takes his time sniffing towards you, each inch closer makes your heartbeat a tick faster. You have no idea what they will do to you if they catch you.

Simon, now on the other side of the tree, takes his time sniffing at the base. You hold your breath and clench in anticipation. Soon, the tip of Simon’s snout appears to your right, wiggling with each whiff.

A voice in the distance shouts, “Hold up! Regroup!”

Simon snout stops and retracts with a dissatisfied groan. You let out a sigh of relief. The group gathers about twenty feet from your position. Dale says to the group, “let the traitor go. If she’s dumb enough to run into there, nature will deal with her. Besides if we chase her any further, we could be in just as much danger.”

You hear your father sobbing and is just about enough to break your will, but you’ve committed to this plan now. A buck consoles your father, “sorry Wible, some are just destined to be food for the predators.”

Boc speaks again, “let’s go home. It’s been a long day.” The group walks away, your father sobbing as they do.

You look to the east. So this is the moment your life has led you to? A traitor and a liar. You aren’t going to let anything stop you in your quest for a Thunder Stone. Even if you have to burn every bridge and cross every line, you will have that Stone in your clutches - that is, if something doesn’t kill you first.

With Lady soon to be on your tail, there is no turning back. You steel yourself and head off east into the marshy, foggy bog that is the Dark Forest, hoping it doesn’t live up to its reputation.
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