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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 218 - Another Predator? - By Megaladong - Overview
You ask Kat, "do you think something dragged Jet away into the forest?"

"That is the going theory. But it seems likely it was a vulpix that helped that three-tailed."

"Was there not a blood or scent trail? Wouldn't a vulpix leave a blood trail?"

Kat says, "I think you underestimate the vulpix’s craftiness. Vulpix can cauterize wounds with Ember, preventing blood loss. It’s a trick they use to keep scavengers off their kills. And vulpix are masters at masking their own scent. But we did check and could smell nothing or see any blood, other than on the vulpix.”

“Could it have been some other predator?”

“I mean, could be. It would have to have been something that can use fire or swallow prey whole then sneak off without leaving a trail or a smell. But nothing comes to mind that’s common in the forest. Ekans leave long swishing trails in the grass and have a strong smell, so we could have tracked it. Pidgeotto typically flaunt their kill and like to make a few passes overhead just to show off - bastards. Other than that, I can’t think of anything. But who knows? The humans have horrible pets they bring from afar. Could be hundreds of things.”

You hug Kat and thank her. Time is not on your side so you have to leave. You sigh and look around; the sun is late in the sky, but there may still be time to ask around a bit more.
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