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Law of Tenko's Macro/vore interacitive - Page 22 - Keep rubbing - By trigger12 - Overview
Now he was lying back on the ground, moaning and writhing in absolute ecstasy as you lashed the head of his shaft with your tongue.

The thick cock soon started throbbing and twitching between his thighs. Then, a small burst of pre-cum erupted from his cock-tip.

"mmmm.... don't stop" he growled.

Sure enough you heard him howling in pleasure just moments later, the entire world around you shaking as one of his hand slammed down against the mattress beneath you in a tight fist.

His cock throbbed violently, as a thick rope of seed dischared into the air before falling back down white streak over his belly-fur.

The ground below you rose up and down aqs the creature rested in afterglow.

You let go, but only to notice a shadow looming over you....
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