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In the beginning there was Vore - Page 22 - Well a Deal is a Deal - By Funnymain - Overview
Well i guess you should be a man of your word and let the lady have what she wants. besides your too busy laying limp on the ground froman enormous climax.

she grips your feet infront of her, her jaw opens wide


her jaw unhinges getting ready for the meal to come. her tongue darts out cleaning your feet and getting another satisfying taste. she slowly puts your feet into her mouth and rests them on her soft most tongue. she reaches forward and grabs your thighs, pulling you towards her. You feel your feet slip past the back of her mouth and into her soft waiting throat.

her throat is velvet, wraping around your feet, encasing every inch of your flesh. you can feel her throat mucsles pulling you hungrily into her body. she keep pulling more and harder forceing you down her throat. shes at you knees now, her tongue once and a while darts out and slithers across your naked body. she wants to enjoy tasting you as much as she can.

Wow you cant believe that getting eaten alive could feel so erotic. before you know it your cock begins to harden once again just at the thought of your naked body being engulfed in soft pink moist flesh. The Naga notices your excitment and darts her tongue out to help satisfy your lust.
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