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The Story of Rose - Page 22 - ...leave it, and go to school. Anyways, it's happening every time. - By Kasev - Overview
Uh... It's happening every time, there was very much of girls, digested by members of the bully team. So two more girls will disappear into hungry bully bellies, two girls lesser... Will not change nothing.
So better way now to get yourself into school.
While passing the gates, you're heard gulping sounds. Turning your head to check it up, you found, that, yes, one of the prey-girls is already in human stomach of bully lamia-girl, and second is pushed into centauress bully anus, and is in half-way to her stomach.
"It's not really bad fate" think you passing the gates, heading your way to classroom "After digesting thousands of peoples, this girls from hooligan team become really hot! Being digested by someone of so sexy, saucy, and very dominant predators... Thoughts of it are really turning me on!"
When coming into class, you seen your best friend, named Lindsey.
"Heya, Lin! How is going on?" greet you her. It was catgirl. She had short red hair, cute, smiley face, and normal body of fourteen years old girl, with in middle of A, and B-cup chest. Also, she had cat ears on top of her head, and cat tail, everytime playfully flailing at back on her.

"Hello Rosy, everything's allright, and also..." she starts to speak, when, classroom door opens again, and...
"Excuse me, can everyone listen me little bit, it will not take much of time." The soft and friendly, but audible voice coming from entrance.
When you're turn to it, you've seen the most beautiful girl of your class, staying in doors. Her name was Yuliana. It was angel girl, with pretty face, long blonde hair, beautiful body, with B-cup breasts, and brilliant white, fluffy wings, folded on her back.

She cleared her throat, and coninued conversation.
"Today is my birthday, I'm fifteen now. And so, I making a birthday party today in my house, so everyone of you are welcome! Everyone, who will need to come, must to come with me after classes, I was already prepare some of my family drivers, to pick up all of my friends, and drive them into my house. Thank you for attention." after finishing her speech, she comes to her seat, and sat down to it, surrounded by group of classmated, what started to wish a happy birthday to her.
"Hey" speak Lindsey to you "I think, I will go. She is a good girl, and also very rich! She is living into big mansion! I'd never was in some places like this. I really need to go, but haven't any gift for her... What to do? Will you come?" asked she.
"I,ll tell you at evening, and go to your seat, teacher is here."
And, after you sit down to your place, on the last row, your ordinary schoolday starts.
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