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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 229 - A Rattata - By Megaladong - Overview
You decide to investigate the south path. That is the flow of the river. Maybe, you think, Jet floated down the river, or maybe he just went exploring down there. Whatever the case, you don't have much time, so you jog down the riverbank, heading south. Unfortunately, the rain washed away any scent smells, so you don't have that option.

After a half-mile, you end up back at the Crooked Tree. You look for any sign but find none. You keep going south in hopes of finding something there. But after another ten minutes, you have no luck. Damn, time is running out. Just as you think about giving up, a young male rattata comes out from the brush. He doesn't spot you yet and it looks like he is walking to the river for a drink. It's your last hope and you run to him to ask if he saw anything.

"Hey!" You yell.

"Cheep!" He yelps in surprise, quickly dashing back into the brush.

"Wait! I just wanna talk!" You run up to the tall grass where he entered but stop just a foot in front.

He comes back out cautiously; only his head appears from the tall grass. He looks at you timidly. "W-what did you want?"

You tell him, "I'm looking for a lost pichu. He disappeared earlier today. He might have washed down the river. Heard anything about it?"

The rattata seems confused. Then he ponders for a second. Suddenly, a grin flashes across his face but he quickly suppresses it. "O-oh that pichu? I wasn't there but a few rattata were talking about it. They said she washed down the river smelling a lot like the insides of a fish. She was passed-out cold. She was pretty hurt so they took her away to a safe place to nurse her back to health before taking her home. But I could take you to her if you want?"

You ask suspiciously, "her? It was a male."

"Oh! U-uh. I mean, I wasn't there so maybe I heard wrong. But they said he's doing fine. I know where they took him."

Hmmm… something doesn't seem right about his demeanor or story. But it is your last chance. What do you do?
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