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Tyamet's Adventure 2 - Page 23 - A sexy little assassin! - By didhejustsaythat - Overview
the enemy tyamet senses draws ever close. shrouded in shadows. A womanly shape swishes by like the wind.

"show yourself wench!" tyamet screams. Her powerful voice piercing through the air like a telekenetic sound wave. The screech shatters the cloud of darkness that was shrouding her foe. To tyamets surprise it was a rather delicious looking vixen assassin. Her clothes were all red and black, she looked like the strong-minded quiet type. Large breasts and a supple bottom. Tyamet couldnt help but let her mind wander, bursting and overflowing with ideas of what to do with this vixen.

Should she just cut her down like most of the others, nah that would probably be to easy for someone like tyamet. She hasn't eaten in a while, should she defeat the vixen and then make an ample breasted meal out of her. Or just simply break her oh so strong mind and make an undying slave out of her.

"ohh my my, what am i to do with you my vixen. I have so many big plans for little ol' you that i have no idea where to begin. oh yes, i know now... \you've stalked the wrong prey and im going to make you regret it until you beg for my mercy." tyamet said changing her tone from seductive and condescending to assertive and aggravated.

the vixen assassin just chuckles as she seemingly phases forward to tyamet.
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