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Svtfoe Vore Stories and Freeroam - Page 23 - To get a bowl of Captain Blanche’s Sugar Seeds - By Thor11 - Overview
Cereal sounded best right now. Especially sugared cereals like Captain Blanche’s Sugar Seeds. Star has a real sweet tooth. Sugar was even in the name! Star ran to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl from the cabinet and some chocolate milk from the fridge (as if the cereal wasn’t sugary enough already) before finally grabbing the poorly hidden cereal box from behind the dog food bag. She pours out the cereal then the chocolate milk into the bowl, setting up her rather generic breakfast and sits down at the table to eat. Several minutes later, Marco finally came down from upstairs and saw Star eating his cereal. If he was to be honest, he wasn’t surprised that she found it or upset that she was eating it but instead a bit annoyed that he would have to buy another box soon. Star can eat a lot and if she could, she would devour the entire box.
“So I guess you found the cereal again.” Marco said in somewhat annoyed tone.
“Yep! Marco if i’m gonna be honest with you, you suck at hiding things.” Star teased. Marco couldn’t lie, he did suck at hiding things. Even when he was younger and played hide and seek he was almost always found first. Still the truth kinda stinks when told.
“Yeah... did you at least save any for me?” Marco asked hopefully. Star only gave a light chuckle as she looked towards the trash can which held the box. Of course Marco thought when he saw the box in the trash.
“Jeez Star, that was two thirds of a box! How many bowls did you have?” Marco asked.
“Ummm... I think three. I’m pretty sure this is my fourth bowl.” Star said almost nonchalantly. Marco sighed at this. He wasn’t kidding when he said Star could eat whole box.
“Well, i’m less surprised that you ate the entire box than I am surprised that you stay underweight despite how much you eat.” Marco said. Star knew the reason why. She was a Johansen, and they can eat up to 10x their own weight! That box cereal was nothing compared to how much she can eat. This was just to tide her over for a few hours till she found something more filling to eat. As Star finished up her final bowl of cereal she noticed that Marco had made himself a sandwich for his breakfast. As she put her bowl in the dishwasher she pondered on what to do next. She decided too...
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