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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 230 - Fair Game - By Megaladong - Overview
"Alright," you say to him. "Take me to the pichu." You believe him or at the very least, don't mistrust him enough to not go; this is the only lead you have, so you'll take a chance. Plus, he's a rattata; what could he even do to you?

He peeps, "great! Follow me. I know right where to go!" He takes off through the brush and you follow, weaving through the thick growth. He's better at it and has to stop periodically to let you catch up. As you travel, you take note of this rattata stature: He is clearly an adult, at least a year old, but he is tiny, only half your size; most adult rattata are only an inch or two smaller than you. The poor guy must have struggled a lot in his short life.

In about five minutes, he leads you to a small clearing nestled between tall trees. The canopy is so thick that even though the sun is just setting, it appears nearly night here. The rattata stops and squeaks up into the canopy, "chee, chee!"

You ask, "Is this where the pichu is?"

But he doesn't respond. He turns around to look at you with a wicked, toothy grin, sending a chilling shiver down your spine. "What did you bring to us, Po?" A smooth voice from a tree above sings. Suddenly, the sounds of scurrying paws echo in the forest. From every angle, beady red eyes appear in the high grass and canopy above and around you. Rattata emerge, all males and all smirking. Some block the gaps between the trees while others scurry out onto branches. There must be at least a dozen here. Things aren't looking good; this looks like a rattata enclave - male rattata suffer harshly in the wild so they tend to group in large packs.

Po responds, "oh just a little pikachu looking for a lost pichu, Fan."

The one he called Fan, stands on a branch ten feet above. He is handsome, of decent but not overly large size, and has a long piece of hay that sticks out his mouth. Clearly the leader of this enclave. "A lost pichu? Haven't heard of any of those recently."

Dread washes over you, "y-you lied to me!" You accuse Po.

Po laughs and says, "Yeah? So what? I thought I'd do the tribe a favor. Sounds like you just lost a pichu, so why don't we help make another?”

Rattata crackling laughter chirps around the forest. You shiver all over in fear; looks like you just walked into a trap full of horny, angsty rattata bucks! You yell, “S-stay back, you little perverts!”

The rattata didn’t like that comment; they hiss angrily. Fan says, “little perverts? Then what do you call your own bucks? Did you know? Your males rape our females all the time. Most of us here have witnessed it. And most of us are sons of pikachu… at least the ones born near pikachu territory. So I’d say you’re fair game! We’re just returning the favor...”

The enclave chatters in excitement and begins to close the circle around you. You are seconds away from being turned into a communal, yellow sex toy. You get down in a battle stance and flash your sparks. One of your shocks could seriously injure, probably kill, one of them. "Get back!" You yell. "I'll fry one of you if you get any closer!"

They all stop suddenly, murmuring to one another. None of them wants to take the risk of coming near you. They whisper for a minute until Fan speaks up, "So... That's how you wanna play this? Fine. We can play that game too. You can't take all of us. You shock one of us, then we'll use you for food instead of sex. We rattata don’t mind eating meat, and I've heard pikachu taste amazing. So it sounds like a fair trade to me."

"But I'll kill at least one of you!" You try to rationalize with them.

"You think we give a damn about dying? Every time we go for a drink, or a walk, or hell, close our eyes to sleep, we risk death. So I think it's worth one of us dying and getting revenge on our yellow cousins. But what do you say," he directs to the others, "you can leave now if you fear death."

The crowd chatters for a second and then one shouts, "I'll stay, Fan!" "Me too," joins another. Soon, all rattata present express they want to see this through, none budging an inch. You gulp nervously; this isn’t looking good.

Fan tells you, "see? Now what happens is up to you, pikachu. Stand down and we can enjoy ourselves. We are kind to our females and we'll make sure you have just as much fun as us. Or… be a fool and become our dinner tonight. Once the smell of blood fills the air, we snap and don’t stop till there is no food left; you’d be gone in a matter of minutes. So, what will it be?"

Shit… it doesn't seem like they are bluffing. The choice is either bend over and take their cocks or fight to the death and take their teeth. Or maybe they are just lying and if you stand your ground they might back down. What do you do?
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