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[MLP] Dodge Junction's Manure Problems - Page 25 - You start to panic, this is way more painful than you ever thought it would be! - By ThatSickFuck - Overview
While she's giving a blowjob to somepony, the few acids inside her belly get uniformly coated on you, making you scream in terror, the pain is unbelievable, you begin to kick the fleshy walls instinctively, trying hopelessly to get out, and as a reward you hear.. a moan? She's enjoying your suffering too?? As you struggle more for your life, you then feel her move aside and release a loud belch, you could swear some of your hair came out of her mouth, her belly now much tighter, the acids get only stronger, and as she resumes her bobbing you resume your struggles, your body mercifully losing it's energy by now, as you've ran out of air to breathe, you can feel your struggles becoming weaker and weaker, your initial surrendering spirit now coming back to you, you stay conscious enough to feel something come into the stomach, which you can only assume is more cum as your sadistic predator made her male companion climax.
After a short while though, you fade away, never to wake up again.
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