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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 26 - Advanced Instructions: Combat - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"I must admit, I am not a fan of fighting myself, but a lady needs to do what a lady needs to do, and so I will tell you about it. Arm yourself with knowledge.

Combat comes in three forms- simple, complex and unique. Knowing the differences between them can be a real life saver. They are as follows:

Simple: In simple combat, you will be given a choice between two very basic options, such as fight or flight, dodge left or dodge right, stomp or smash, and so on. Usually, one choice will lead to success while the other will lead to failure. These choices can be disarming in their straightforwardness, but do not let your guard down- it is important to think about the context of these decisions and choose carefully.

Complex: In complex combat, there are generally three choices- stomp, smash or special.

Stomp attacks are good for clearing out weak enemies, knocking them over or getting them into their shells, but require direct contact with the enemy and leave the attacker vulnerable. It is not wise to use a stomp on a spiked enemy, or one made of fire, for example.

Smash attacks are attacks that involve a more conventional sort of violence. If a weapon is on-hand, then the attacker will use it. If not, then she will simply punch or kick the enemy instead. These attacks are good for breaking through certain types of armor and offer a slight increase in range, but still leave the attacker somewhat vulnerable.

Special attacks are unique to each princess. Peach's special, "Peach Powder," puts enemies in an area to sleep temporarily. Daisy's special, "Daisy Dukes," allows Daisy to blast enemies with flowers that fly out from her fists. My special is called "Gravitational Field" and it allows me to warp gravity in an area for an instant. All three of these specials are very powerful, but they can only be used once per world stage, so use them wisely.

The key to complex combat is knowing which offensive option is appropriate for a given situation. It is important to consider the enemy being fought as well as the location the fight is taking place when making a decision on which attack to use.

Unique: Unique combat, as the name implies, is different. It involves using special, context sensitive options to fight with. What these may be, it is hard to tell, but adaptability and resourcefulness as well as forethought will serve you well in these combat situations.

These combat types may combine or shift as a battle rages on, so please, pay attention.

In addition to fighting, defending is a vital skill to learn to keep safe from harm. There are five main types of defenses, and they are jumping, dodging, ducking, blocking and taking cover. Jumps are used to evade low attacks, dodges are used for sidestepping attacks, ducking is for high attacks, blocking is for shielding from weaker attacks and taking cover is for when there is a structure that is usable to block an attack.

Remember that defending is just as important as attacking, and requires just as much thought. Also, know that as a battle rages on, the circumstances may change, so stay sharp and pay attention.

Please, use what you have learned here to your advantage in guiding my friends and I safely on our quest- it is a matter of life and death."
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