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Planet earth with a little bit of vore. - Page 26 - Becoming a foal. - By FrozenEvil - Overview
You wander in to pat your second horse, she is your favourite.

You enter her pen via the fence-gate into the small building, it has 3 stone walls with a red corrugated iron roof. The floor is lined with hay and there is a large haystack to your left, there is a chest-of-drawers at the back with all sorts of horse-utensils.

You walk past her and she seems to follow you, you walk over to the area where you groom her and open the 'treats' drawer. You grab an apple and clench chew, she can chew and suck on it and enjoy a nice sweet apple. You watch as the black-printed white Marchador guzzles the apple down her face, you enjoy watching her eat as she's happy and so are you. She eventually swallows the apple core whole before nuzzling your hand, you pet her nicely and give her the chew. Her saliva gets all over your hand but you don't care, she chews happily on the chew and turns around, you are confronted with her ass.

You watch her as she grabs the latch to her pen and locks it, you stare at it, puzzled.
She turns around and then decides to fall on the pile of hay to her left, you look at her from her ass's end and she rolls on her back, from your angle you see her slightly spread legs, followed by her large belly then her neck and head. She motions you to rub her stomach. You do this on occasion and bond with her whilst doing it, you have rubbed her before and at this point feel like your bond with her is almost too high. Your thought is interrupted as she notions you to rub her again, you crawl between her legs and chuckle a bit, you pat her stomach and she murrs happily. You rub her for 10 seconds before she notions you to climb further onto her and rub further up her body. You comply, almost laying on top of her. You rub her and she neighs, affectionately. "I love you too girl!" You reply to her, she licks your hand, happily. You hear her murr again and notions you to rub her even further up her, you basically crawl onto her and begin rubbing, you pull your feet further and your feet come out of your boots, you feel your socks lock into an area of her skin and she murrs, you rub her further until you're basically tired out.
You lie exhausted on her belly and you feel basically fatigued, you feel her hooves against your shoulder and you don't mind, she moves you onto the hay and she lays on her side in front of you, you lie tired and stare at her belly, her patterns are almost memorizing.
You fall into a sleep-like state where you feel to tired to move, you can see through the bar between your leaning eyelids. You feel her push your legs downward into the hay, you enjoy the feeling. The hay must be wet as the bottom of your trousers and legs become thickly wet and slightly sticky. You feel her pull and push you further downward, you feel your hips enter the area below her belly, you look down to realize that it's not hay you're in, it's her vagina! You try and struggle and she notices, you stop struggling at the point of no energy and look up at her, she stares back, and nonchalantly pushes your shoulders down with a hoof, you feel your hands reach her pussy and can't pull them back, whatever energy you had has de-plenished. You can't help but fall asleep as she pulls you further into her pussy in the haze of the warm day, you feel the breeze on your face finally close as the warm juices gush down your cheeks, the light dissipates and you lay back in a curled up position, frantic to relaxed. You fall asleep to the sounds of settling juices and a faint heartbeat.


After 11 months you awaken, slightly dazed. You look at your surrounding but realize you're still in her pussy. You hear a female voice humming outside but it's not your mothers, your body feels weird, it seems to have changed.

You suddenly feel your captor go rather frantic, and hear your father from outside shouting to your mother about a birth, you hypothesize that they'll pull your human body out and since you've been in here for over a week as your parents are home, will stop a search party if there is one. You try to grasp the walls of your sticky prison but you can't feel your hands and you just feel a sticky sheet around you. You feel the womb contract around you and you feel the sheet move, you feel like you're a bug in spider silk. You hear your father say "It's coming." from quite far away.
You feel the horse around you push as you're flushed out of the wet prison, the sack around you restrains you from moving. You watch as the mare above you licks all around you, after 5 minutes the sack is gone and you lay on the hay, "Good girl!" You hear your dad say, not what you were expecting. You look down at yourself to see something odd, instead of hands your long, white, black-printed legs extend into hooves, you come to the realization that you're a foal.
You gasp is surprise and look up to the mare staring above you, "I hope you like your new life sweetie!" She says to you, with a happy look on her face. You stare back down at yourself and accept what has happened, you attempt to stand but fall, but after a few attempts, manage to stand upright, you feel your new mother nuzzle against your head, you murr back, with affection. You look back to where your 'owner' is, he seems happy.


You grow up with your mother for a while until you're separated, you grow up until you're 10 years old.

One day you step out into the field and decide to...
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