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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 29 - Ethlyn! - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
“A patient this early? Come right in & I’ll treat you!”

Aaa you recognised that lovely voice - the spirited princess, Ethlyn! She regularly handled the morning shifts so hearing her voice didn't surprise you that much, but that didn't mean it wasn't pleasant - she was always a gentle one, yet she hasn't been afraid to show her interest in the weird & wonderful.

One of which you were hoping to fulfill~... alongside getting rid of this damn headache.

With no hesitation, you pushed open the door to see the very woman the voice belonged to, seemingly just finished adjusting the multitude of staves in the corner. Quan sure was a lucky man for Ethlyn was both very pretty & very cute - you’d be lying if you said her beauty hadn't made you stutter a number of times in the past.

She looked up at you, brows raising for a moment as she seemed surprised to see you before smiling gleefully.

“Oh good morning, Summoner! Are you here for any medicinal supplies?”

Well no, you were here to be treated for this headache… & maybe something more, but do you tell her of your secondary reason for being here?
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