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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 3 - Norb's Offer - By Megaladong - Overview
You decide to follow your dream of becoming a raichu despite protests from members of your tribe and family, but your mind is set. You hug your friends and family before you leave. They have tears in their eyes and plead with you to stay. But you reassure them you will return in no less than a few weeks as a raichu; you are sure of it. The looks on their faces say they are not so sure. You wave to them one last time as you leave.

You set out on the path from your tribe to the forest. As you walk down the path you hear a rustle from a bush. You prepare for a fight but another pikachu walks out from the bush. It’s Norb, a young male of your same age who has always had a crush on you. He is strong, smart, and handsome and is widely considered one of the more desirable available males. He has courted you before but you've never let him go beyond kissing. He has tears in his eyes. He spends the next five minutes spilling his heart out for you to stay and be his mate. Your heart sinks. Maybe he's right. He is pretty cute and strong. You could see raising a litter with him. He would be a good mate for your pups.

Do you become his mate, give up your dream, and return home?
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